County to ban use of plastics on Lamu Island

 In two months, use of plastics will be banned in Lamu to fight environmental hazards, Governor Issa Timamy has said.

Speaking during an art contest in Shela on Saturday, he said the plastics harm donkeys and sea animals, including turtles.

“We shall come up with laws to ban plastic bags,” he said.

“We are concerned about the plastic waste. Recently donkeys died after consuming plastics.

Timamy said the county expects the law would help residents live in a clean and healthy environment.

The governor commended conservation groups to come up with ways of recycling plastic products.

He said the plastic ban in Zanzibar has proven successful as no visitor can enter the island with plastic materials.

“Two years ago I visited Zanzibar and could not enter the city with plastic materials,” he said.

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