Lamu Governor Issa Timamy has warned donkey owners who let their donkeys loiter to brace themselves for a hefty fine

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy has warned donkey owners who let their donkeys loiter to brace themselves for a hefty fine.

Addressing Shela residents Tuesday during launch of Ras Kitau settlement scheme survey exercise, Governor Issa Timamy said a draft bill that will ban donkeys from loitering in towns will be tabled soon before the county assembly.

Mr Timamy said once the bill is passed into law, fines will be imposed on donkey owners who will be found letting their animals roam freely and excrete on streets.

The Governor said hoteliers, traders and residents have complained over the state at which unattended donkeys are defecating on streets and polluting environment.

The excrement blocks the drainage tunnels polluting the town with bad smell especially during rainy season when the sewer water mixed with dung flowing onto the streets.

Mr Timamy said under the new law loitering donkeys will confined in special shades that would be constructed by the county government and released to their owners after being fined.

Donkeys are the main mode of transport on Lamu Island as the streets are too narrow for vehicles.

They carry people, water, store supplies and construction materials, and occasionally participate in races during cultural festivals.


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