New Benefits Announced by NHIF

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) on Thursday unveiled a new cover for its contributors that will see benefits for inpatient services double in public and private hospitals.

The new benefits were announcing Thursday by NHIF Chairman Mohamud Ali and should take effect immediately.

He said the NHIF will pay Sh1,200 for inpatient services offered in public hospitals, up from Sh600, and Sh4,000 in private hospitals, from Sh2,100.

The insurer will pay Sh10,000 per session of kidney diagnosis, up from Sh2,000 and patients who need a kidney transplant will get a Sh500,000 cover. Currently the insurer pays Sh200,000.

The NHIF has also increased the cover for maternity services. The cover for normal delivery is now Sh8,000 and Sh30,000 for a caesarean section,

Other new benefits introduced by the NHIF include Sh25,000 per chemotherapy session, Sh18,000 for radiotherapy and Sh5,000 for monthly clinic reviews.

Also introduced is a cover for specialized laboratory test such as CT scan, for which the insurer will pay Sh8,000 and MRIs for Sh15,000.

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