The foundation stone of the grain store at Majembeni in Mpeketoni was laid by the County Governor Issa Abdallah Timamy on 1st June 2016.

The area farmers have been facing the challenge on how to store their cereals against pests and weather. The project will help them to store their produce before getting to the market. Before the launching of the project, department of Agriculture formed a cooperative to make it easy for the project to serve the farmers. Speaking to the area residents, the Governor gave them a challenge that if the store will be used accordingly and filled with grains then two more stores will be built to reach their needs. “It’s my challenge, if the store will be used and filled with grains, two more stores will be built in this area” said the Governor

governor at Mpeketoni01

Due to its soil fertility makes Mpeketoni the breadbasket to the whole Lamu County and that is why the County Government has been providing several aids to the farmers. Recently Lamu farmers received certified seeds and several tractors were given countywide to provide services at subsidized rates to enable larger quantities of farm produce.

To stabilize and enhance the sector of agriculture, the County Government of Lamu is planning in the next financial year to build a processing factory in Mpeketoni where fruits will be sold, processed and packed for export. “The factory is needed to provide market to our farmers” said the Deputy Governor.

Story by Kalthum Ahmad

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