The Launching of Common Programme Framework for ending drought emergencies in Lamu County on 17th June 2016 at Mwanaarafa hall

The EDE initiative reflects an important policy shift by the Government in its approach to drought-related disasters in Kenya. The government recognizes that drought emergencies are failure of development, through better sustainable development measures and not humanitarian relief measures, those drought emergencies will eventually be ended.

In his speech which was read by CEC for education, Kaviha Khamisi, his Excellency, the Governor said “peace and security; climate proofed infrastructure and human capital development echoes the challenges we set out in our county integrated development plan. In deed there can be no development for the people of Lamu County, and no protection against risk, unless these basic pre-conditions for peace and prosperity are met”

Lamu residents attending the EDE Framework. 17/06/2016 By Salah Mahat

Lamu residents attending the EDE Framework. 17/06/2016 By Salah Mahat

The Lamu County Government has initiated the development of a County EDE Action Plan that will promote stronger synergy between programmes and ensure that relevant EDE commitments are fully integrated in our County Integrated Development plan.

Development partners have started aligning their efforts to the EDE and support the county specific efforts towards ending drought emergencies where Lamu will be one of the main beneficiaries to the initiative.

The County Government led by his excellence Governor Issa Timmay played a central role in the delivery of these intervention e.g. health, peace education and water. In the launch of Common Programme Framework for Ending Drought Emergencies in Lamu County, it’s a clear testimony that we will be able to find a lasting solution to drought emergencies.


Story By Kalthum Ahmed and Salah Mahat

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