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Maendeleo ya Vijana Kaunti ya Lamu

Kikundi cha vijana, Jubilee Youth Group kutoka Mpeketoni, Lake Amu eneo bunge la Lamu Mashariki wana sababu za kutabasamu kwa kupokea mbegu na vifaa vya kulimia pamoja na piki piki 10 kutoka kwa Serikali ya Kaunti itakayowasaidia katika usafirishaji wa bidhaa hizo kuwafikia wanunuzi.

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Fishing Competition

The fishing competition is used by the department of fisheries, livestock and cooperative development to attract and promote investment in the fishery sector in Lamu County, promote sustainable fishing through venturing in the underexploited offshore marine water fishing grounds.



A total of 960 kg of fish was landed from the 23 boats that returned with catch with each boat catches ranging from a minimum of 2 kg to a maximum of 103 kg as total catch while the biggest per category ranged from a minimum of 2 kg to 31 kg for an individual fish. Out of the 43 fishing craft that participated, 20 fishing craft did not report any catch.


Fishing is artisanal in nature and is conducted within the channels and sheltered areas. Offshore fishing is currently being promoted by encouraging investment in the fishing industry through provision of modern fishing gears, fishing aids and fish preservation facilities. Going forward as a county the Lamu government through the department of fisheries has embraced fishing competition as an annual event to showcase the potential of Lamu marine waters especially deep sea fishing to local and foreign investors.

The 2015 fishing competition was organized by the county government with the department of fisheries as the lead agency. The organizations that supported the competition were WWF and TNC –the nature conservancy.

Rebirth of Lamu

The County Government of Lamu and the National museums of Kenya is undertaking rehabilitation of the Lamu World heritage Site seafront Rehabilitation Project , which includes: painting and rehabilitation of buildings, signage of sites, and cleaning up of the seafront through community collaboration.