Discussion on Drought Status in Lamu County by County Officials, Religious Leader and other Officials

H.E Governor Issa Timamy followed by His deputy H.E Eric Mugo, County commissioner, County Secretary Mr. Siad, CEC’S Hon. Amina Rashid, Hon. Khamis Kaviha, Hon. Dr. Kombo, Hon. Ahmed Albeit and Hon. Atwaa. Security officers, representative from Kenya wildlife service, Intelligence officer, National Drought Management Authority, religious leaders and other stakeholders in an emergency meeting to discuss drought status in Lamu County.

A meeting conducted by the Count Government this morning to discuss the drought status in the county. The report from the NDMA shows that the county is affected by drought in most of the areas where farming and livestock keeping are the major activity.
Shortage of rainfall, water tracks, and other source of water leads to drought that affect the the people. Places like Witu, Hindi, Mkunumbi, Barigoni, are heavily affected by drought that increases poverty among people of those areas.
County Government led by H.E Governor Issa Timamy introduced the system of water tracking in order to secure the life of the people and the lifestock at the affected areas.

From the report that was given and some of the recommendation on what to do to overcome the situation, H.E Governor proposed the activation plan for operation and function of dispatch to form a team that will hit the ground by tomorrow around the whole county and submit a written report next week Wednesday.

H.E Governor praise the CEC’S for the good work they are doing from health sector to education and promised that the County Government shall everything possible to ensure people of the Lamu county do not suffer, and promised to share the little the county has to its people.

On 5th,Oct 2016 at KPA Conference Hall.

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