H. E the governor Issa Abdalla Timamy together with CEO of Aga Khan foundation Mr. Kelvin signing the MOU with Lamu County Government

The County Government of Lamu led by H.E GOVERNOR Isaa Abdalla Timamy accompanied by CEC’S and CO’S of Lamu county government welcomed Mr. Kelvin the CEO of the Agakhan Foundation east Africa to Lamu county in front of Lamu residents at Mwanarafa hall.

The main objective of this visit by the Agakhan Foundation is to help the county government improve and boost education to the children of the entire county. A gathering that involved locals and stakeholders from various fields in the county got the chance to know more about the Agakhan foundation.

In His speech, Mr. Kelvin the CEO of the Agakhan foundation touched many on how the foundation started and where it is right now, the good things that Foundation has put towards education to the children of the entire nation. He gave an example of Madrassa early childhood program that is under the Agakhan Foundation and mention their representative Madam Amina who played a major role on the early childhood.

He promised to improve education for the child and insisted that the Agakhan will work together with the county government.
Through the Madrassa early childhood under the Foundation which existed from 1986, shows the benefit from a student who went through the foundation and now is pursuing medicine in Nairobi University.

On his side, H.E Governor Issa Timamy welcomed the foundation to Lamu County and assured the people of Lamu that things are still to come, He praised the foundation for their effort to support education in lamu county that will see children overcome challanges in education sector. He promised the people of lamu that education is His first agenda,and with the help of Agakhan Foundation the benefit will be for the children of lamu and the people at large.

H.E the Governor explained to the people and the foundation what the county has made in order to boost education in the county. Construction of ECD classes to 45 and promised to add more, employment of ECD teachers from 15 to 50, and this year alone the county has employed 20 more teachers, bursary scheme of 60,000,000ksh, that will see primary schools, high schools and university student benefit from that.

After very nice speeches from both parties, the county government led by H.E governor Issa Timamy and CEO of the Agakhan Foundation Mr. Kelvin, the two decided to overcome the challenges that faces education by signing an agreement that will see Lamu county ahead of others, which is now the second after Mombasa County that has benefit from the Agakhan Foundation.on 3rd,October,2016.

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