Kenya Maritime Authority Visits H.E Governor

Kenya maritime authority chairman visited H. E Governor Issa Timamy  to his office today ahead of media to thank H. E and the County Government of Lamu for the good work that is being done in the maritime area, Lamu as a maritime zone the maritime authority partner with the County government to sponsor some activities and events in this years Cultural festival, the maritime will sponsor kasa and jahazi race and donates 100 life jackets to create awareness on safety use of life jackets and employment of youths in Lamu.                        

In His speech H. E Governor Issa Timamy answering a question from the media on how county government is envolved in the maritime, He discussed in deep that Lamu county is a maritime zone that since the colonial era Lamu has been there as a maritime zone and because of that Lamu county is putting effort to make sure that its remain a maritime  area, County Government is sponsoring 100 students in bandari college to take maritime engineering.

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