3rd Fishing competition

15390918_1875351812683867_2475252444832845020_nThe annual fishing competition in Lamu County is organized by the department of Fisheries, Livestock and Corporate Development with an aim of showcasing natural sea resources as well as nurturing and preserving talents for the fishermen.  Fishing industry is well known in Lamu Island and the County Government is attaining it mandate by empowering and promoting the same. Being the main economic activity in the area, the County Government has adopted several measures to support the industry, fishing competition being among them.

15391148_1875352356017146_1985178077111305438_nDuring the competition, the participating fishing boats sail through the open sea taking different directions rushing to  areas where the big catch are mostly available. The journey is mostly guided by the direction of the wind to reach their specified locations. The major fishing equipment used is the fishing line with the baits. The winners would be determined in two categories; the first one was to get one single big catch and the second one was to have many catches with many kilogram . The fishing activity itself involves talented people with vast knowledge and skills to go through the whole process. The most interesting phase of the event is the auctioning of the fish brought forward by the fisherman.

lamu-fishing-2This year 12th December 2016, Lamu County marked its third year of the fishing competition from the year it started 2014 and it was reported that it was the most successful as compared to the past two years. The competition, participants managed to get almost 1.5 tons of fish in total which surpassed the previous years.   His Excellency Governor Issa Timamy, flagged off the 49 participating fishing boats at 3a.m at the Lamu Jetty, 24 being participating on deep drop fishing and 25 for finesse fishing.

After about eight long fishing hours, the boats started to show up at the jetty, the starting point with fish caught. Upon receipt, the fish trapped were categorized as class A from deep drop fishing and B for finesse fishing by the judges. Fish are then weighed and kilos recorded. Species often caught includes………kisulisuli, kiboma, tangu, nguru, tewa, red snapper.

lamu-fishing-1The event was lively and colorful with full of entertainments such as acrobats and poems narrations at the town square.

The public gathered at Mkunguni square for awarding the winners. The crowd was led by the Governor, County Commissioner, Chief Officer and Director of the department of fisheries, livestock and corporate development and other officials. The winners were awarded Cash, Certificates and Trophies to take home.

The following participating boats emerged to be the winners:

Category A

Ijma, Malysia and  Munawar  with the highest number of  kilos per fish 32kg, 16kg and 15kg respectively  who went home with Ksh 75,000, 60,000 and 50,000 accordingly.

Lady Nana had the highest number of kilos of fish in total, 168kgs and went home with Ksh 25,000 cash.

Category B

Taadhima awared Ksh 70,000 for 11.5kg 

Rayan 8.5kg Ksh 65,000

Yafatah 8kg  Ksh 40,000

Al Imtiyaz went home with Ksh 20,000 for having 121kg of fish in total.

The fishermen were well motivated after the event and His Excellency promised to support them fully in their undertakings.


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