Lamu County Government Projects Lamu East and West

Lamu County has two constituencies namely Lamu West and Lamu East. These two also consist of ten wards namely Kiunga, faza, Mkomani, Shela, Hindi, Mkunumbi, Hongwe, Bahari and Witu, and Basuba.

A field work conducted by Department of ICT, E –government and citizen participation together with KNA journalist was mainly to carry out a documentary on all flagship projects within Lamu County.

water-lamu-2 water-lamu-1In Kiwayu Island villages can now have access to piped water for the first time since independence. The poject by Lamu county government worth Sh. 9 million has enabled the island dwellers to have access to clean drinking water.

The villagers have for decades been complaining that they spent valuable hours in search of the precious commodity and are now glad to collect water at their doorsteps.

The water supply project has effectively brought to an end years of walking long distances to fetch fresh drinking water from far away wells.

Water is pumped from underground borehole into two big tanks and distributed through pipes right into the middle of the village.

Now the villagers cannot hide their joy as they get their drinking water by just turning on the taps outside their houses.

And in the nearby Kizingitini Island whose residents faced similar problems can now access clean drinking water following the setting up of a desalination prothat has been handed over by the National government to the County government with the aim of purifying sea water andturning it into safe drinking water

hospital-lamu-2Among other projects within the archipelago was Faza hospital and Witu health centre are among several health facilities being upgraded.

The devolved unit is also collaborating with the national government to overhaul and refurbish mother and child care facilities across the county designing them to support the well-being and recovery of expectant mothers and their new born babies.

The state of the art health equipment at the Faza level four hospital and the Witu health centre in Lamu East and West constituencies respectively would enable the island dwellers access health facilities in an efficient and appropriate manner.

The Sh. 100 million contributions from the national government was used in the construction of department of radiology and imaging, construction of operating theatre equipped with latest technology and digital x-ray unit for the first time in the Faza.

The department of pediatric radiology is expected to provide a full range of imaging services for newborns, infants, children and pregnant women.

hospital-lamu-1The facilities will enable islanders get medical attention without traveling to Lamu King Fahad level 5 Hospial for specialized treatment.

The Lamu county has been facing hunger strike for this drought season. To curb the situation the County government has established several small-scale irrigation schemes aimed at boosting food security across the main Land.

The devolved unit’s ambitious rural irrigation scheme seeks to link villages through nearest possible sources of water.

The schemes that are transforming livelihoods are at Mkunumbi, Basuba, Witu, Moa, Chalaluma and Maleli areas in Lamu West sub-county.

In order to make agricultural production more sustainable in the region the county government is empowering farmers who venture into irrigated crop production.

farming-lamu-2The county government is aiming at supporting irrigated agriculture for enhanced food security through tapping into the waters of river Tana that meanders into Lamu.

The county government supports irrigation projects covering more than 57 acres using water sources from Lake Moa and Lake Amu.

The move is aimed at unlocking the existing potential in the county to improve food security, income of farmers and general livelihoods of the residents.

The 10 acres Moa irrigation scheme is utilizing water from the Lake Moa in the Tana Delta to fight perennial food shortages in the coastal county.


Aside Basic human necessity, The Lamu county government is rolling out Information Communication and Technology (ICT) centres to enable residents get access to e-services.

The administration is setting up information centers in all the 10 wards of Lamu County to ensure marginalized communities are connected to the information.

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