Lamu Maulid Festival 2016

Mawlid is the observance of the birthday of the prophet Muhammad which is celebrated in Rabi al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar In much of the Muslim world, the date is marked with songs and poems in honor of the Prophet Muhammad. A famous 13 th- century poem, "Qasida" is often read in praise of the prophet and the mercy he is believed to have brought.

The distinctive form of Maulidi as celebrated in Lamu dates back to the late nineteenth century when Habib Swaleh, an itinerant Islamic scholar from the Comoros, settled in Lamu. Blending religion and culture, he inspired the kind of festivities that we witness today in Lamu and other parts of the archipelago.

Lamu has gained fame through this festival that is organized by religious leaders, national museum of Kenya and the county Government of Lamu.

This year the Mawlid Festival in Lamu took off from 27 th to 29 th December 2016. The festival includes the Islamic religion activities, traditions and peoples culture that touches the resident’s souls.

Full of light the archipelago flocked with visitors from different part of the world, locals within the County and neighboring counties. Just like other festivals in the island, this marked event has attracted significant big number of foreign tourist to the Island.

The events held different activities, the actual Mawlid, swimming competition, donkey race, tug of war, grease poll, dhow race, Kofia weaving and traditional Bao game.

The Awards was the long waited platform to celebrate the end festivals from different competitions that took place. These awards were done on the last day of the event at Mkunguni Square. All emerging winners were awarded on what they ventured at

The unique and non-famous Donkey Race competition was part of the event whereby position one and Two was awarded 25,000/= while the third winner had 10,000/=. The winners were Anas Abdallah, Idriss Hussein and Busta respectively.

Swimming competition had different categories, youths, children and the senior category. The award was 10,000/ for the first winner, 7000/= the second and 4000/= for position three.

The senior category winners were Hamid Muhasham, Abdul Aziz Omar and Abdallah Said respectively. Youths category was Famau Muhasham , Barikale Zubeir and Namir Ali and Children category was Khuweilid Omar, Salim Abdallah and Fahad Omar.

Dhow race semifinals winners were awarded 30000/=, 20,000/= and 10,000/= for position one to three, and the winners were Imani, Safina and Hudhuda. Semifinal Two, was awarded 30,000/=, 20,000/= and 10, 000 for position one to three. The winners were Jamila, Husna and Nuseiba respectively.

And the finals, position one was Imani that went home with 60,000/=, the second winner was Husna awarded 40,000/= and position three was Nasra given 30,000/=.

Other competition was grease poll, position one was Mohamed Omar given 4,000/= Mohamed Ali Said was the second winner given 3500/=and the third position was Mohamed Jaffar awarded 2500/=.

Kofia weaving competition position one was Swafia Bakari awarded 6,000/= position two was Riziki Hafidh given 5,000/= and the third position was Zena Athman having for himself 4,000/=.

Bao game winners were Salim Masoud,Mbarak Jumaa and Amar Shelali Position one to three respectively. The awards were 6,000/=, 4,000/= and 3,000/= number one to three.


Tug of war pulling ropes is another competition that is carried out during the festival and the believed strong Men group themselves in certain number to face the challenge. The groups were the Lata youth group, Tour guide group and porters group. This year the first group was the Porters group having for themselves 10,000/= , the second group was for the tour guide awarded 7,500/= and the third winning group was the Lata youths awarded 5,000/=.

The last event on 29 th was the Popular ‘Zefe’ dance, where locals parade and dance singing Qaswida’s of Praise to Prophet Mohamad across the streets of the Archipelago.


Other events on the way are Art festival , Yoga Festival and food Expo.

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