Faza ICT Centre

The Lamu county government is rolling out Information Communication and Technology (ICT) centres across the archipelago to enable island dwellers get access to e-services.

The devolved unit is setting up the village innovation hubs in all the 10 wards of the coastal county to ensure marginalized communities in far flung islands are connected to the information super highway.

The county’s ICT executive Ahmed Albeity says the county seeks to create technology hubs for the development of innovative ICT solutions.

Albeity says the low-cost community hub networks are being established to facilitate the extension ICT network services to rural and under-served areas of the coastal county.

He says the centres get the online services using internet connected computers and other ICT enabled applications.

‘Currently five remote islands have ICT hubs and we seek to connect the other five wards in the current financial year at a cost of Sh.1.6 million each’ said Abeity in an interview.

He went on ‘the initiative is expected to deepen the use of ICT in villages and bridge the digital divide with urban areas’.

He says the county seeks to take online services to those living in marginalized areas and remote islands in order to improve their quality of life.

The county he said will use the ambitious ICT dissemination projects to roll out its services effectively providing villagers with full communications packages.

Ali Bakari a local fisherman in Faza Island says the modern ICT centres aimed at empowering communities are triggering excitement and profound social changes.

The fisherman says the ICT centres have helped local fisher folks to access timely information on fishing and pricing and the market situation in general.

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