Rehabilitation Of Kizingitini Polytechnic

Lamu County Government is rehabilitating Kizingitini youth polytechnic which was neglected by previous regime.

The polytechnic was offering courses of computer packaging, carpentry and tailoring.

The institution has been registered by the ministry of Education and the county government of Lamu is taking over to be Kizingitini Vocational Training Center.

According to the governor Issa Timamy the center was the first polytechnic build in Lamu but it was neglected for a long time.

“I call upon the Kizingitini people and Lamu East as a whole to take this opportunity and bring their youth and I assure you that, we will bring qualified staff” said the governor.

The county government of Lamu will partner with with KPA to introduce marine courses.

Other course that will be offered will be: – masonry and electrical.

The center is expected to be reopened soon after it completion in two month time.

The rehabilitation work cost the Lamu county government 10 million Kenya shillings and the studying equipment have already been ordered.

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