Official Opening Of Second Assembly

The Governor of Lamu Fahim Yassin Twaha addressing members of Lamu County Assembly on the official opening of the Second Assembly. H.E emphasized on dealing with fraud and corrupt officers in the county government. He assured proper utilization of the funds allocated to the county. The governor also identified the risk faced by health sector from nurse’s strike and the ongoing clinical officer’s strike which may pause danger to the people of Lamu.

He promised to improve the sector by far. Poverty eradication was also the agenda whereby the governor promised land owners to be issued with tittle deeds so that they can continue with their investment. The governor also touched on improving the water sector by initiating a project that would transfer water from river Tana to Lamu.

Education was greatly addressed where ECDE’s would be issued with computers to introduce the young brains to digitization, improving polytechnics to engage youths in self job appointment was also featured, and not to forget the needy in education by providing equity scholarship and bursaries. A motion on the same to be passed in the Assembly. H.E also touched on improving security in the county government, by providing the government lands for constructions of many police booths that would beef in security. Lastly but not the least, He urged the members to corporate well in making decisions for the people of Lamu.

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