Fencing Of Dispensaries

Eight existing primary health facility is set to be fenced in this financial year 2017/2018 by the department of health service, environment and sanitation in Lamu County.
The health facilities which will benefit in this planned project are:-

  1. Matondoni
  2. Kiwayu
  3. Ishakani,
  4. Kiangwe
  5. Tewe
  6. Maisha Masha
  7. Katsakakairu and Moa.

These facilities are from Mkomani, Kiunga, Bahari, Witu and Basuba ward in Lamu County. According to chief officer of Health Mohamed Abubakar, the project will secure the facilities from land grabbers and interference from wild animals.

“This financial year we have planned to fence our dispensaries, we have targets 8 of them, as we all know land is wealth and there is need to secure our lands and to protect our expensive facilities that we have purchased for our health centers by fencing them”.

This project will cost 16 million shillings from county government of Lamu.

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