Mpeketoni Information Centre

Access to information is all what every citizen want, and that is when the idea of coming up with information centers came to people’s head. Since devolution, citizens have been enjoying government services in their counties. Access to information being one of it, Lamu County Government, through the ICT department decided to fulfill this to its residents by building information centers.

Among the places in Lamu County where this project had been implemented is Mpeketoni, Bahari ward in Lamu west sub-county. The project was meant to bring close government services to the people of Mpeketoni. Since there was a place allocated, a permanent building has been constructed at Ward Administrator’s office; where earlier it was at former Red Cross offices.

A total amount of ksh1.2M was used to cater the cost of the project to completion, with a full setup consisting of furniture, a television, internet and five computers. It was completed since 2015 and been operating from that time to date.
Since information centers were found being effective to people, the county Government of Lamu through the ICT department had already implemented the project to other places like Faza and Kiunga.

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