Lamu County Government has today signed a ‘Go Blue’ Skills Development memorandum of understanding with CAP YEI – Youth Empowerment Institute that will enable youths to pursue value chain development courses at Lamu Technical and Vocational Training Center.

The two year project memoranda focuses on introducing courses that major on skills development in predetermined sectors as well as exploring value chain opportunities, bridging linkages between the blue economy, sustainable economic development, and the economic growth.

Speaking during the MOU signing ceremony that was held at Lamu Vocational Training Center, Lamu Governor HE. Fahim Twaha said the project would provide youth with skills that can be used to improve employment and livelihood prospects for our youths. The Governor who is also the Council of Governors Blue Economy Committee Chair, further urged the youths from Lamu to take the opportunity to train, since all courses offered in Lamu are fully sponsored.

“My government shall support this program by providing an infrastructure facilities that will include construction of 4 classrooms and Lamu TVET, and provide support for demonstration of demand driven skill model for deserving youths” said the Governor who was speaking shortly after officially opening the renovated Lamu TVET ICT Laboratory that has been installed with 40 computers. He further lauded the CAP initiative saying it will be gateway for tapping into tourism industry by ensuring youths get courses that will integrate them into the Industry.

“In 2018 we had an enrollment of 447 students and today we have 3,265 students in our main training centers and satellite centers that we have started across the county” Said Governor Fahim.

CAP Director for Youth Empowerment Institute Mr. Ashok Ankathi noted that, CAP was committed in building capabilities of Lamu TVET on demand driven skill training model to integrate and sustain the model for a period they will be in Lamu.

“CAP will facilitate market scan and identify potential training sectors to impact the demand driven skills based on market needs” Noted Mr. Ashok.

Lamu County CECM Education, Vocational Training, Technology, Youth Affairs, Sports, Gender and Social Services Hon. Paul Thairu HSC said the partnership is a new dawn in creation of an inclusive and sustainable economic growth with job impact opportunities to our youth. “Already the county government of Lamu has made tremendous steps towards supporting the education sector by ensuring every student has access to education. This MOU partnership will entrench our efforts towards the realization in offering courses that will make our graduates competitive in the job market” Said Hon. Thairu. He further noted that since 2018 over 2,000 students had graduated from Lamu TVETs and VTCs and all had been absorbed into the job market.

With scholarship program and bursaries to all students, Lamu County has seen a tremendous improvement in school enrollments that has in turn seen the county bursary budget increase from Kes. 60 Million in 2018 to Kes. 250Million this year.

Lamu TVET Board Chair Mr. Ali Shebwana thanked the County Government of Lamu for renovating the ICT lab saying it will enable students pursuing ICT related courses to do their practicals with ease. He further commended CAP Youth Initiative for selecting Lamu TVET as its hub adding that the management will remain committed to ensure that students get the best training from the facility. “In 2018 this facility had 17 students and today we have 621 students pursuing different courses. With this partnership that we have signed today Lamu TVET will get more enrollments and the only way we can give back to our society is by giving them competitive and professional graduates” Said Mr. Shebwana.

County Public Service Board Chairman Hon. Abdalla Fadhil who was also present said the recruitment of trainers on permanent basis will commence soon. He emphasized on the need to give the trainers stable employment since it’s the only guaranteed way they would perform their tasks comfortably.

Also in attendance was Lamu OCPD Mr. Nyawa Murinzi, Go Blue Project Manager Yashpal Sihag, GIZ TVET Advisor Ms. Brenda Kibiku, Ms. Gladys Mnjama- JKP member, Lamu Municipal Manager Mr. Omar Famau, Lamu TVET Director Mr. Fidelis Mulei, Lamu County VTC Managers Mr. Fidelis Mulei, Mrs. Mercy Ndaru, Mr. Stephen Mwangi, Mr. Farah Mzee, Ms. Maryam Hasan among others.


Story by: Governors Press Service

Photo Credit: Adam Musa & Samuel Mkare

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Lamu County plans to hire 100 residents to train as wildlife community rangers to aid in the conservation of the upcoming Kiunga-Boni-Dodori reserve.

They will be trained in law enforcement, community relations, human rights, intelligence and investigative abilities, and wildlife dispute resolution as the first batch that will be gainfully employed from the reserve’s designation.

H.E Fahim Twaha, the County Governor, stated that this group will aid in the protection of the reserve, hence producing jobs and investment for the rest of the county. He was speaking to a delegation from the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) after they completed a National Wildlife Census Lamu County chapter.

“This will be a win-win situation for wildlife protection, community prosperity, and job creation. Once the census data are available, the Kiunga-Boni-Dodori will be operationalized by the County and a KWS joint committee, and we will be able to begin tapping into the resource’s growing tourism and heritage prospects,” said H.E Fahim.

The census species data in Lamu will guide KWS, Lamu County, and development partners on maintaining the ecosystem, according to KWS Security Assistant Director Security Mr. Doti Abdi, with an increasing human population placing pressure on the land beyond the protected areas.

Hon. Josphat Musembi, Lamu County Tourism CECM, emphasized the importance of the upcoming reserve to the County’s tourism mix: “Lamu will be one of Kenya’s most distinct tourism destinations once we have an operational reserve, with a product mix of both wildlife and marine/aquatic life in the same zone. As a result, tourism and trade inside the county will flourish.

“Lamu has a thriving but underutilized tourism industry that includes some of Kenya’s best marine environments, terrestrial animals, pristine beaches, and one of the country’s oldest cultural heritages, dating back to the 14th century and earning it UNESCO’s prestigious ‘World Heritage site’ recognition in 2001.


Story by: Governor’s Press Service

Pictures Courtesy Adam Musa

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In EXERCISE of the powers conferred to HE Governor Fahim Twaha by the County Government Act (2012), the Governor has today 23/07/2021 appointed Mr. Alex Jimbi Katana as the Acting Chief Officer incharge of Finance and Economic Planning.

Mr. Alex who is currently the Chief Officer for Lands, Physical Planning and Urban Development will act at the Finance Department until such a time when the position is substantively filled.

His appointment is effective from today.


By Governor’s Press Service

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Kiunga-Boni-Dodori Reserve has been designated as Kenya’s next wildlife destination, with infrastructural development plans in both Dodori and Kiunga Marine already underway including roads network,rangers Barack’s,and equipments.

As part of the National Wildlife Census, a delegation of wildlife and tourism experts from the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), and Wildlife Research & Training Institute has begun a land and aquatic/Marine wildlife census in Lamu County.

According to officials, the ongoing nation-wide wildlife census is the first of its kind in Kenya, with the goal of aiding conservation efforts and identifying threats to Kenya’s vast but threatened wildlife populations.

The land and marine wildlife census will expedite the operationalization of the Kiunga-Boni-Dodori Reserve with a feasibility study on the same expected to start soon.

The exercise will cover terrestrial area of 23,000km² , including the entire Lamu, parts of lower Garissa, Ijara, and Tanariver, and 3000km² marine from Vanga to Kiunga.

Dr. Mohamed Omar, Principal Scientist at the Coast Conservation Area, explained that preparations are in full swing.

“Lamu County has already built a command center and will soon hire 100 new rangers and 20 managers to be trained in Manyani to help with security. In the near future, we will conduct a feasibility study on wildlife conservation in Lamu, “he stated.

Hon. Josephat Musembi, CECM Trade and Tourism, on behalf of Governor Fahim Twaha, assured the team of the full support of the County Government of Lamu, describing the exercise as timely in terms of determining the exact numbers of all wildlife in Lamu, including endangered species, and their precise location, at a time when Lamu is facing major upcoming and ongoing projects.

“With so much going on in Lamu, including major projects like the LAPSSET’s complementary infrastructure, such as the proposed oil pipeline and depot, industrial park, airport, rail and roads, a metropolis and resort city – not to mention the ever-present concerns of climate change, competition from shifting land-use patterns, and agriculture, this exercise could not have come at a better time, ” said Hon. Musembi.

According to Dr. Shadrack Ngene, KWS Head of Species Conservation, the census would assist Lamu County in capitalizing on its wildlife-rich resources, which were ranked higher than renowned tourist locations such as the Maasai Mara in a 2015 wildlife census.

“Due to a lack of data about the status of its wildlife populations, Lamu county has not been able to reap the full benefits of its wildlife resources,” said Dr. Ngene

Historically, the Greater Lamu Eco-region has been one of Africa’s most wildlife-rich areas. It had a population of approximately 26,000 elephants in the 1970s, but by 2015, that number had dropped to just 55.

It is home to Lions, big herds of Buffalo and Reticulated Giraffe, Leopard, Hippo, Cheetah, Zebra, as well as a substantial breeding population of Coastal Topi, Waterbuck, Lesser Kudu, Desert Warthog, Spotted Hyenas, and a variety of primate species.

Other attendees included Assistant Director Security KWS, Mr. Doti Abdi, Senior Warden Lamu, Mr Mathias Mwavita, Honorary Warden Mr. Ali Shebwana, CEC Education Technology, Youth Affairs, Sports, Gender and Social Services, Hon. Paul Thairu, HCS, and others.


Picture Courtesy : Adam Musa

Wildlife Pictures courtesy of KWS and Lamu Wildlife Trust

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The Senate Standing Committee on Education and Training today held a consultative meeting with Lamu County Government on the status of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Lamu.

Through the Chair, Senator Dr.Alice Chepkorir, the Committee was seeking to get a breakdown on resource allocation to Lamu County Vocational Training Centres (CVTCs), comprising of both recurrent and development allocations since the Financial Year 2017/18.

Education CECM Hon. Paul Thairu HSC who represented Governor Fahim Twaha, outlined the budget allocation for Lamu County Vocational Training Centers from financial year 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021 as well as the funds that were allocated as grants and bursaries and was duly accepted by the committee.

The committee which held its sitting virtually this morning, also expressed it’s satisfaction with the Lamu County Government’s initiative to equip Workshops and Classrooms in local CVTCs . Already a number of CVTCs have well equiped functional workshops and Classrooms among them; Lamu, Mpeketoni, Witu, Mokowe and Kizingitini.

The committee members also lauded the County Government of Lamu for joining hands with like-minded partners like Redcross, Aga Khan foundation and Capyei towards improving it’s institutions.

The Senate Committee on Education, was also briefed on strategies and measures put in place to ensure disadvantaged groups have equal opportunities and access to CVTCs.

Thairu noted that, under Governor Fahim Twaha’s policy of ‘Access to Education for all’; Over 14 satellite CVTCs have been opened across the county, the curriculum has been expanded and school fees scrapped off. A move that have led to an increase in the number of students in local CVTCs to over 3,500 from just 447 by the end of the year 2016 .


By Governor’s Press Service

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The Lamu County Government has begun phase three of its street lighting project, which will see 180 LED lights erected in the wards of Bahari, Witu, Mkomani, and Kizingitini, respectively.

The project, which aims to improve security and promote economic activities in Lamu’s neighborhoods, is one of the county’s primary initiatives to boost economic growth.

This Wednesday 21 July, 2021, street lights were placed in Bahari ward in a variety of locations, including:

1. The Safaricom Mast, Mpeketoni Complex(Baroness Hotel) road.

2. Kihenjo’s Building, 3 in 1 Bar, Old Town (Bazahi building) road.

3. Winners Lodge, Mama Monica to Soko ya Mbuzi.

Jua Kali area and Mpeketoni CBD areas shall be installed today

.Other areas targeted during this phase are;

1. Hindi-Shahasi road and Juakali area in Hindi.

2. Mkunguni and Kibaki grounds in Lamu.

3. Kizingitini jetty.

4. Witu-Juma mosque area.

The county has already completed phase one of street-lighting, which targeted 19 places and included 583 LEDs and 6 flood lights, under the leadership of HE Governor Fahim. Phase 2 focused on 28 places throughout the county, resulting in the installation of 852 LEDs.


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The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) have been recognized by the Kiunga community for their dedication to the County’s humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

The Kiunga Health Management Committee led County officials and other Kiunga community leaders in presenting the soldiers with locally crafted mementos, for their heroic activities.

KDF has been instrumental in crucial socio-economic interventions such as water, security, counter-violence extremist activities, health, and education, as well as other humanitarian assistance provided in the county.

The event occurred on the sidelines of a KDF-led handover ceremony for the newly rebuilt Kiunga Health Center, which was finished by KDF.

Hon.Paul Kamau Thairu, HSC, CECM Education, Technology, Youth Affairs, Sports, Gender and Social Services, presided over the ceremony. Also present was Hon. Aboud Baabad, the Lamu County Assembly Majority Leader and Kiunga MCA, Lali kombo, chairman nyumba kumi, Senior Chief Mr. Atik Mohamed, among others.


Story by Athman Omar

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Thirty two(32) new County Government employees drawn from the department of Finance ,Medical Services PSMA, County Public Service Board, Lands, Physical Planning and Urban Development, have successfully completed a four day induction training at KEFRI Conference Hall .

Among the areas covered was;

-Code of Regulations for Public Service

-Work Ethics

-Government Communication

-Official Protocols and Procedures

-County Governance Structure

-Code of Ethics for Public Officers

-Official Dresscode for Public Officers

-HR Processes and Procedures

-Staff Discipline and Disciplinary Process etc

The four day training was organized by the Lamu Public Service Board led by the chair, Mr. Abdalla Fadhili, the County Secretary, Mr. John Mburu, CECMs and Chief Officers for Medical Services, Finance, Lands and PSMA.

The training aims to help the new civil service officials develop requisite competencies required for all public servants based on national values and principles of governance, principles of leadership, integrity and values of public service as enshrined in the Constitution.

The new team comprises of Directors, Community Health Nurse ,Record Management officials, Office Administrators, Physical Planners, Radiographers among others.


Story by : Abdalla Simba and Adam Musa

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County Government of Lamu through it’s Department of Health Services in partnership with the State Ministry of Health have officially launched PHASE II of Polio campaign and vaccination targeting all children under the age of five years in Lamu.

The house to house campaign by the health workers was officially launched today at Lamu Fort by CECM Health Dr. Ann Gathoni and will run from 17th July 2021, to 22nd July 2021.

The campaign targets to have over 25,104 children in Lamu County vaccinated as well as sensitize Lamu residents on the deadly disease.

Speaking during the official launch of the campaign, Dr. Gathoni urged parents and guardians to accord health officials all the necessary co-operation during the exercise and avail their children for vaccination.

“In addition to fixed vaccination points at health facilities, mobile teams will be operating door to door even in hard-to-reach areas to ensure that every child is protected from this crippling disease.We will also collaborate with the office of Lamu County Commissioner to ensure even areas with security challenges like Basuba are fully covered in the vaccination campaign.” said Dr. Gathoni

The ongoing campaign targets about 3.4 million children under the age of five years in the 13 high risk counties including Lamu, Garissa, Isiolo, Kajiado, Kiambu, Kilifi, Kitui, Machakos, Mandera, Mombasa, Nairobi, Tana River and Wajir.

Polio is a deadly disease that does not only cause paralysis and disability but can also result in loss of life.

In February this year, six polio cases were confirmed from samples picked from sewage material in Garissa and Mombasa counties. The polio virus was also found in three children who entered Kenya from Somalia, increasing risk of spreading due to cross border migration.


Story by : Abdalla Simba and Adam Musa

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Education CECM Hon. Paul Thairu HSC today presided over Witu Ward Prize giving ceremony organized to recognize and award outstanding students in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams for the year 2020.

Pupils’ who scored over 300 marks in KCPE and teachers’ whose subjects registered grade ‘A’ were awarded trophies, cash prizes among a host of other presents.

Maleli Primary school carried the day emerging the best school in Witu Ward with Rehema Primary school scooping the award for the most improved school for the year 2020.

Over 95 pupils managed over 300 marks in Witu Ward, a great improvement compared to 54 pupils in 2019.

Speaking during the prize giving ceremony, CECM Hon. Paul Thairu congratulated teachers and pupils for their outstanding performance encouraging them to keep leveling up .

Hon. Thairu reiterated that the County Government is committed to improve education in the Lamu County through continued full sponsorship of outstanding students under the scholarship program and the Bursary program for all other students .

“Witu Ward has recorded tremendous improvement in KCPE results since 2017. The scholarship program under the stewardship of Governor Fahim Twaha has proven to be a great catalyst helping to improve the general performance of the whole County . It has continued to encourage healthy competition amongst students with everyone of them fighting to clinch an opportunity for full secondary school scholarship” said Hon. Thairu

Towards supporting the education infrastructure development, Lamu County has already constructed over 28 ECDE centers across the county including Lumshi, Jipendeni, Thakuthaku and Tangeni in Witu ward. Kakathe and Katsakakairu ECDE centers are set to be completed this financial year.

In attendance was Witu MCA Hon. Jonathan Mketa, Ward Bursay Commitee Chairman Bwanamkuu Fumo, County Education Director, all head teachers and teachers Witu Ward, pupils among others.


Story by : Abdalla Simba

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