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Udhamini wa LAPPSET kwa Wanafunzi wa Lamu

Serikali ya kaunti ya Lamu yashirikiana pamoja  na shirika la Lapsset kuwamotisha vijana wa Lamu waliofaidika na udhamini wa kimasomo kupitia ukanda wa Lapsset.

Katika mkutano uliofanyika tarehe 19/12/2017  ndani ya ukumbi wa lamu fort, wanafunzi waliofuzu pamoja na wale wanaondelea na masomo yao kupitia ufadhili huo, walijumuika na maafisa wa serikali kuu, viongozi wa kaunti ya Lamu Naibu gavana bwana Abdulhakim Bwana, Waziri wa Ardhi Bi Fahima Arafat, baadhi ya maafisa wa kaunti ya Lamu na maafisa wa shirika hilo.

Wanafunzi hao waliahidiwa kuwepo kwa nafasi za kujipatia mafunzo ya kikazi wanapokuwa katika masomo yao na vilevile nafasi za kazi katika mradi wa bandari ya Lamu unaotarajiwa kuwa tayari mwanzoni mwa mwaka 2018.
Naibu wa gavana Bw. Abdulhakim Bwana , aliwasihi vijana hao kujiepusha na janga hatari la mihadarati linalokera vijana wa Lamu na kuwataka waweze kuwa na mipangilio bora ya kimaisha.

Katika hadhara hiyo Bi. Fahima alipendekeza  viongozi wa Wadi katika Bunge la Lamu kupitisha mswada wa 70% ya wafanyikazi watakao ajiriwa katika bandari hiyo iwe ni wakaazi wa Lamu.

Commissioning of Garseni – Witu – Lamu Road by H.E Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta

More than 50 years down the line, Lamu County has been yearning for good tarmac road that would ease movement in the area. Three years ago, the government rolled out a plan to tarmac 10,000kms of road across the country where  Lamu was one of the identified area for  the rehabilitation and upgrading.  The road will start at Garsen, in Tana River County, pursuing a general easterly direction through Witu to end at Mokowe in Lamu County. A total distance of about 122 kilometers. The project is financed by the national government and will undergo a radical facelift from the current poor murram road to class II bitumen surface with shoulders, culverts and drainage channels. The paved section which runs from Gamba to Minjila area will also be renovated .

The 10.8 billion shillings project is expected to start immediately after the commissioning that was done by H.E president Uhuru Kenyatta. Lamu can see a green light towards vision 2030 with the upcoming new roads, LAPSET and the Coal Fire plant that is yet to kick off after the legal procedures. H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta during commissioning, said The project is expected to open up Lamu County and its environs as well as promote security buoyed by easy access and improved logistics. He also said that, his government is aiming at ending marginalization and restore the vision of equality to all neglected counties and that the road would open up expansive trade and job opportunities to the residents. Aside the road agenda, Kenyatta added that his government has allocated 10Million Shillings for school infrastructure after a concern raised by H.E governor Timamy, their  being a need for Witu secondary to be fenced due to world animals that invaded the school severally. He added that through his ministry, the government will offer water and relief food to the affected.

The president also mentioned on to improve health facility, where 100 million shillings had been allocated by the national government to upgrade the King Fahad hospital. Witu, Faza and Mpeketoni are among other sub county Hospitals in Lamu County.  In the same event, the Lamu County Governor, H.E. Issa Timamy urged the government to to release the night fishing burn that was introduced in 2010 which  has caused a big lose in the industry.

Lamu County Government Projects Lamu East and West

Lamu County has two constituencies namely Lamu West and Lamu East. These two also consist of ten wards namely Kiunga, faza, Mkomani, Shela, Hindi, Mkunumbi, Hongwe, Bahari and Witu, and Basuba.

A field work conducted by Department of ICT, E –government and citizen participation together with KNA journalist was mainly to carry out a documentary on all flagship projects within Lamu County.

water-lamu-2 water-lamu-1In Kiwayu Island villages can now have access to piped water for the first time since independence. The poject by Lamu county government worth Sh. 9 million has enabled the island dwellers to have access to clean drinking water.

The villagers have for decades been complaining that they spent valuable hours in search of the precious commodity and are now glad to collect water at their doorsteps.

The water supply project has effectively brought to an end years of walking long distances to fetch fresh drinking water from far away wells.

Water is pumped from underground borehole into two big tanks and distributed through pipes right into the middle of the village.

Now the villagers cannot hide their joy as they get their drinking water by just turning on the taps outside their houses.

And in the nearby Kizingitini Island whose residents faced similar problems can now access clean drinking water following the setting up of a desalination prothat has been handed over by the National government to the County government with the aim of purifying sea water andturning it into safe drinking water

hospital-lamu-2Among other projects within the archipelago was Faza hospital and Witu health centre are among several health facilities being upgraded.

The devolved unit is also collaborating with the national government to overhaul and refurbish mother and child care facilities across the county designing them to support the well-being and recovery of expectant mothers and their new born babies.

The state of the art health equipment at the Faza level four hospital and the Witu health centre in Lamu East and West constituencies respectively would enable the island dwellers access health facilities in an efficient and appropriate manner.

The Sh. 100 million contributions from the national government was used in the construction of department of radiology and imaging, construction of operating theatre equipped with latest technology and digital x-ray unit for the first time in the Faza.

The department of pediatric radiology is expected to provide a full range of imaging services for newborns, infants, children and pregnant women.

hospital-lamu-1The facilities will enable islanders get medical attention without traveling to Lamu King Fahad level 5 Hospial for specialized treatment.

The Lamu county has been facing hunger strike for this drought season. To curb the situation the County government has established several small-scale irrigation schemes aimed at boosting food security across the main Land.

The devolved unit’s ambitious rural irrigation scheme seeks to link villages through nearest possible sources of water.

The schemes that are transforming livelihoods are at Mkunumbi, Basuba, Witu, Moa, Chalaluma and Maleli areas in Lamu West sub-county.

In order to make agricultural production more sustainable in the region the county government is empowering farmers who venture into irrigated crop production.

farming-lamu-2The county government is aiming at supporting irrigated agriculture for enhanced food security through tapping into the waters of river Tana that meanders into Lamu.

The county government supports irrigation projects covering more than 57 acres using water sources from Lake Moa and Lake Amu.

The move is aimed at unlocking the existing potential in the county to improve food security, income of farmers and general livelihoods of the residents.

The 10 acres Moa irrigation scheme is utilizing water from the Lake Moa in the Tana Delta to fight perennial food shortages in the coastal county.


Aside Basic human necessity, The Lamu county government is rolling out Information Communication and Technology (ICT) centres to enable residents get access to e-services.

The administration is setting up information centers in all the 10 wards of Lamu County to ensure marginalized communities are connected to the information.

Lamu Maulid Festival 2016

Mawlid is the observance of the birthday of the prophet Muhammad which is celebrated in Rabi al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar In much of the Muslim world, the date is marked with songs and poems in honor of the Prophet Muhammad. A famous 13 th- century poem, "Qasida" is often read in praise of the prophet and the mercy he is believed to have brought.

The distinctive form of Maulidi as celebrated in Lamu dates back to the late nineteenth century when Habib Swaleh, an itinerant Islamic scholar from the Comoros, settled in Lamu. Blending religion and culture, he inspired the kind of festivities that we witness today in Lamu and other parts of the archipelago.

Lamu has gained fame through this festival that is organized by religious leaders, national museum of Kenya and the county Government of Lamu.

This year the Mawlid Festival in Lamu took off from 27 th to 29 th December 2016. The festival includes the Islamic religion activities, traditions and peoples culture that touches the resident’s souls.

Full of light the archipelago flocked with visitors from different part of the world, locals within the County and neighboring counties. Just like other festivals in the island, this marked event has attracted significant big number of foreign tourist to the Island.

The events held different activities, the actual Mawlid, swimming competition, donkey race, tug of war, grease poll, dhow race, Kofia weaving and traditional Bao game.

The Awards was the long waited platform to celebrate the end festivals from different competitions that took place. These awards were done on the last day of the event at Mkunguni Square. All emerging winners were awarded on what they ventured at

The unique and non-famous Donkey Race competition was part of the event whereby position one and Two was awarded 25,000/= while the third winner had 10,000/=. The winners were Anas Abdallah, Idriss Hussein and Busta respectively.

Swimming competition had different categories, youths, children and the senior category. The award was 10,000/ for the first winner, 7000/= the second and 4000/= for position three.

The senior category winners were Hamid Muhasham, Abdul Aziz Omar and Abdallah Said respectively. Youths category was Famau Muhasham , Barikale Zubeir and Namir Ali and Children category was Khuweilid Omar, Salim Abdallah and Fahad Omar.

Dhow race semifinals winners were awarded 30000/=, 20,000/= and 10,000/= for position one to three, and the winners were Imani, Safina and Hudhuda. Semifinal Two, was awarded 30,000/=, 20,000/= and 10, 000 for position one to three. The winners were Jamila, Husna and Nuseiba respectively.

And the finals, position one was Imani that went home with 60,000/=, the second winner was Husna awarded 40,000/= and position three was Nasra given 30,000/=.

Other competition was grease poll, position one was Mohamed Omar given 4,000/= Mohamed Ali Said was the second winner given 3500/=and the third position was Mohamed Jaffar awarded 2500/=.

Kofia weaving competition position one was Swafia Bakari awarded 6,000/= position two was Riziki Hafidh given 5,000/= and the third position was Zena Athman having for himself 4,000/=.

Bao game winners were Salim Masoud,Mbarak Jumaa and Amar Shelali Position one to three respectively. The awards were 6,000/=, 4,000/= and 3,000/= number one to three.


Tug of war pulling ropes is another competition that is carried out during the festival and the believed strong Men group themselves in certain number to face the challenge. The groups were the Lata youth group, Tour guide group and porters group. This year the first group was the Porters group having for themselves 10,000/= , the second group was for the tour guide awarded 7,500/= and the third winning group was the Lata youths awarded 5,000/=.

The last event on 29 th was the Popular ‘Zefe’ dance, where locals parade and dance singing Qaswida’s of Praise to Prophet Mohamad across the streets of the Archipelago.


Other events on the way are Art festival , Yoga Festival and food Expo.

Lamu Cultural Festival Report 2016

For the past 16 years Lamu has been in the forefront cultivating their lifestyle, beliefs and traditions that are the heart and soul of the community. These events are conducted and organized annually by the Lamu cultural promotion group in conjunction with the Lamu county government. With the support from embassies, Kenyan authority, and local stakeholders they managed to successfully showcase Swahili culture and traditions through this landmark event.  

culture-8This year the event took off from 10th to 13th of November. Full of live the archipelago attracted people from all over the world, locals and tourist flocked the island making it lively.

The purpose of this festival is to promote the Swahili heritage and preserve the local culture of the islands. The festival is very popular and the agenda reflects the richness of Swahili culture.

culture-6During the festivities, the magic of the past turns alive. Traditional displays like dhow building, henna painting, fish trap making, palm weaving and bao games were shown.

Traditional dancers from different communities living in lamu like, Chama dance, goma la siu, bati, pokomo dance and others from neighboring counties cultivated the event.

culture-2The festival also featured the renowned Gujurati Dancers from India and other local musicians who entertained people from their charming music and dances.

Competitions are one of the key activities in the event mainly to heighten the locals’ skills and ability in promoting their heritage.

culture-5Donkey race is one of the unique competitions that are held to encourage youth participation in the festivals. This famous domesticated animal in the island provides a fraction of land-based mode of transport to the residents. The exceptionally talented boys ride the donkeys for the entire expected length to be covered while the spectators of their favorite rider cheer for them. This year Omar Kombo went home with Ksh.50, 000 where he emerged to be in position one, Idris Husein the second winner had for himself Ksh. 40,000 and number three Iftikhar Said was awarded Ksh. 30, 000.

culture-6Dhow race is one of the cultural heritages that has made Lamu Famous since decades, this activity is mainly to showcase the fastest dhow in the island, the most experienced captain, the best sailor and finally the one who made it. With all these factors to consider, definitely its never a surprise that dhow races frequently happen with the winners receiving significant honors. Locals from from Lamu East and West come in large amount to cheer for their home dhows.  The first winner named ‘Safina’ was awarded Ksh. 100,000 and the award was given to the owner of vessel named Abdillahi Mohd. The second dhow was ‘Husna’ owned by Said Ali and was awarded Ksh.75, 000.  The third emerged winner was ‘Tusitiri’ owned by Badi Amin where he went with Ksh.50, 000.

culture-4Aside dhow race, the other vessel competition was the Mashua race famously known as the wind sail race. The Mashua sails to the direction of the wind and go four turns to the finals. This competition takes around four hours to complete. ‘Computer’ was the winning Mashua, followed by Zalha and Peponi. The winners were awarded Ksh.150, 000, Ksh.  100,000 and Ksh. 75,000 respectively

culture-7An exceptional marvelous bottle yacht competition made the day to be remembered for all competitors during the event, where supporters and the many spectators lined the seafront to watch the exciting competition. The young boys who sailed the yacht with all the skills reached expected length to be covered. Sailor number one was Ali Mohammed, the second was Muhaji Sombwana and lastly the third position was Masuo Athman. The winners went home with Ksh. 15,000, Ksh. 8,000 and Ksh. 5, 000 respectively.

Other competitions that took place were, swimming which was categorized in faces, for the juniors, women, elderly, senior and intermediate. The awards winners were given Ksh.10,000, Ksh. 7,000 and Ksh. 4,000 respectively.

For the first time the cultural event introduced the poetry competition. Very powerful and moving poems giving messages on different grounds were recited.

For this case the awards were given upto the forth position and the first was awarded Ksh.20,000, Ksh. 15,000 Ksh. 10,000 and finally Ksh. 5,000.

Lamu has been famous with its festivals, many more events on the way are the Lamu Yoga Festival in March, and the festival brings together several hundred people and yoga teachers from around the world.  Other events are, cooking and fishing competition.