Education, Gender, Youth Affairs

Brief Overview

Lamu County is located in North-Eastern Coast of Kenya. It consists of a mainland and the Lamu Archipelago. Covering a total land surface area of 6273.1 sq km, Lamu County borders Garissa to the North, the Indian Ocean to the South and South East, and Tana River to the South West and West. Lamu is generally hot. The population of the county as projected in 2012 stands at 112,551 persons. The county has two parliamentary constituencies and ten county wards. The constituencies are Lamu East and Lamu West while the county wards are Shella, Mkomani, Hindi, Mkunumbi, Hongwe, Bahari, Witu, Faza, Basuba and kiunga.

Education department activities

Governors Cup 2015 Finals

The department comprises Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE, Village Polytechnics, Gender, Sports, Youth Affairs and Social Services. In ECDE the county is in charge of infrastructure development,manpower needs(teachers) and teaching/learning materials.In village polytechnics, the the county is responsible of infrastructure and tools/ equipments for the institutions. The instructors for these institutions as well as the curriculum offered is the preserve of the county. The curriculum should address theman power needs of the county.In sports, it is the responsibility of the county to promote all kindsof sports so as to address the needs of the youth in the county. Talent development and talent identification is also the responsibility of the county.

The county is charged with the responsibility of advocacy in the field of Gender, Youth Affairs and Social Services in order to empower the Youth and Women in this county socio- economically. The county will address gender discrepancy in various aspects in the county and make deliberate effort to bring parity.The county will provide forums or programmes that will enable women and the youth to participate in political, economic and social activities e.g. peace building, youth enterprise funds, women enterprise fund and uwezo fund.The department also provide information on bursaries and scholarships to those in need. It is also responsible for the promotion of education standards in the county.