Governor calls for Sea Safety Sensitization

Governor calls for Sea Safety Sensitization

H.E Governor Fahim Twaha today joined family and friends for the burial of the late Antony Kangethe, at their Mainguvu home, Mpeketoni.

The 19 year old, a KCSE candidate, is one of the two teenagers who drowned while swimming with friends on Sunday, 4th October, 2020 at Baharini area in Mpeketoni .

Speaking when he condoled with the family, Governor Fahim termed bereavement of young promising lives as one of the hardest things to handle, terming the untimely death of the two teenagers, as a blow to the Mpeketoni Community

Fahim said there is urgent need to increase sensitization amongst the Lamu Community on basic sea safety measures, adding that many more people are at risk as the Lamu sea becomes multi-use by the day by way of transport activities, fishing, tourism/recreation, the ongoing construction of the Port, oil and gas exploration. The danger has been exacerbated by erratic tides as a result of global warming.

He called on all Lamu residents to be vigilant citing that the number of unaccompanied children flocking the Lamu beaches has increased considerably, because of Covid-19 accelerated by closure of schools.

H.E Fahim said the County Government will work on stepping up efforts towards;

  • Sensitization on basics of sea safety measures

-Trainings on basic life savings techniques.

  • Partnering with the Kenya Maritime Authority(KMA) to enhance response system to distress calls or emergencies across the county.

-Partnering with other Central government departments to ensure availability of a universal distress call number available to the people.

  • Ensuring information on the stability of the sea is easily accessible to the general public on daily basis. This information includes changes in weather, tidal levels, ocean currents and wind strength which determines sea roughness or calmness will be used by the public as a base for decision making on Sea travels, recreational swimming, sailing or even fishing
  • Initiating talks with KMA on setting up a monitoring center to quickly help get information on vessels or people in distress at sea

Governor Fahim also urged the general public to observe basic safety measures at all times while at sea, including but not limited to ;

  1. Avoiding overloading passenger or Cargo boats
  2. Avoidance of risky travelling or swimming during rough seas
  3. Boat owners equipping boat operators with standard life-saver jackets as opposed to sub standard jackets that do not support human weight.
  4. Avoidance of recklessness and over speeding by boat operators

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