Lamu County Healthcare Status

Lamu County Healthcare Status

The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone, not just governments, acutely aware of the strategic need to engage, with respect to combating the widespread risks of the pandemic.

Our brave frontline workers across the world, and by extension in Lamu have continued to face the brunt of the pandemic, risking infections as they carry out their work to protect the public. I’m clear that as a government, prioritisation of their personal protection and welfare during this phase is a non-negotiable issue.

To that end, we held an amicable dialogue with our healthcare workers at King Fahd Hospital, with a view to alleviate their concerns and return healthcare operations to normalcy. Our commitment to this issue is reflected in the recent procurement of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE’s) and enabling a conducive environment through ongoing Covid-related infrastructure revamping.

I would like to encourage the other health workers across the County, that my office is open for structured, non-partisan dialogue for their betterment and for the _mwananchi_

Thank you,

H.E Fahim Twaha Governor,

Lamu County Government

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