Lamu County Government has officially kicked off its transformative water project in Lamu West.

Fresh from another inspection tour of the fresh tapped water infrastructure in Lamu East, the County has officially launched the ‘Mai Mekoni’ project in mainland villages of Pangani, Poromoko and Kizuke.

The ongoing Pangani water project, will cost Sh.12.7 million. It consists the construction of an 8.9km pipeline, 0.25km perimeter fencing, 50m3 sumptank, 3 VIP 4 door ablution block, installation of solar pumping system; and purchase of a 200cc motor bike.

The Sinambio-Miruji water project, which began recently, will cost Sh. 5.2 million. It will constitute the construction of an 8.26km pipeline extension from Sinambio Shopping Centre through Miruji to Jericho.

The ongoing Bangure-Kisuke water project, will cost Sh. 5.6 million. It will include the construction of a 5.46km Kwa Wanje feeder pipeline and an extension of a 2.8km Kisuke Pipeline.

During the launch meeting, between Lamu County Leadership, LAWASCO engineers and the LAKWA Management, Governor Fahim Twaha said the priority is to improve clean and safe water services for all households in Lamu West.

“The Lamu West water project is a two-pronged intervention, first it seeks to increase water resources in areas that already have water, and second and most importantly, to provide water resources in areas that have been completely been ignored in the past,” said Governor Fahim.

Governor Fahim reiterated that his government is committed to offsetting Lamu’s clean water crisis and sanitation problem, terming it as a critical humanitarian issue that touches on human dignity.

The Governor was accompanied by the Deputy Governor Abdulhakim Bwana, County Secretary Hon.John Mburu, CECM Health Dr. Ann Gathoni, CECM Education Hon. Paul Thairu, CECM Public Health Hon. Abdu Godana, Chief of Staff Hon.Mohamed Galgalo Bute, Deputy Speaker and Mkunumbi Ward MCA Hon. Paul Kimani, Bahari Ward MCA Hon. Anthony Jomo, Hongwe Ward MCA Hon. James Komu among others.

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