PSMA, Devolution, ICT and e-Governance

                                                           Devolution, ICT and e-Governance


An informed society through technology.


To support initiatives, that build a more responsive and collaborative government, through ICT.


  • Facilitate the development of ICT infrastructure that supports and enables the provision of applications and services to meet the needs of the county and its people; 
  • Use Information Technology to enhance efficiency and accountability in public service delivery
  • Facilitate the establishment of structures for citizen participation
  • establish mechanisms to facilitate public communication and access to information


The county’s ICT infrastructure is under developed. Mobile phone network and connectivity has covered 60% of the county with 51% of the residents owning/using mobile phones. Internet penetration is at dismal 15% of the entire county. The percentage of the population using internet service is 2.9 % (CCK report). There are only six registered cyber cafes in the County, five are in Lamu and one in Mpeketoni. Television signals can only be received with the support of satellite linkages while Radio broadcasts penetration signals are also extremely poor. It is only a few radio stations that are accessible. Lamu County has no access to Fiber Optic the Digital divide is evident.

Areas of focus The County will use ICTs to improve services in ; Education, Health, Agriculture, Tourism and E-Government.

Download – Brief PSM Report