Youth Empowerment in Lamu East.

Youth Empowerment in Lamu East.

H.E Excellency the Governor Fahim Yasin Twaha launched the Lamu East Youth Empowerment and Capacity Building Program for driving skills training to 1,000 youths across the County in Faza Social Hall.

He informed the public of the milestones that the County government has achieved which include :

– Distributions of the NHIF cards to the public

– Helping the fisherman clear their debts.

-Increased bursary allocation from 60m to 127m.

– Installation of the street lights across the county in progress.

– Connection of the piped water to every household in progress.

Also he informed them of the programs that were to be implemented which include :

– Extension, repair and maintainance of the Faza bridge

-Equipping and maintainance of the social halls.

He emphasized to the politicians to embrace work and not to dwell on politics.

In attendance were Deputy Governor, MCA’s, CEC Education among others.

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