Ambassador of Royal Thai Embassy to Kenya H.E Miss. Sasirit Tangulrat, has today paid a courtesy call on Office of the Governor Lamu County to discuss issues of mutual interest in trade, investment and development.

The Ambassador who is in Lamu County for an official visit, was received by the Deputy Governor H.E Abdulhakim Aboud Bwana on behalf of H.E Governor Fahim Twaha.


Story by; Lamu Governors Press

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Lamu County is set to start the training of tour guides, beach and boat operators as part of taping tourism opportunities created by the county’s greatest economic earner.

The County is also set to kick off tourism digital marketing as a way of putting Lamu on the global map as the preferred tourism destination site.

Speaking during a courtesy call by the newly elected Lamu Trade Association officials (LTA) to Lamu County CECM Trade, Tourism, Enterprise Development and Culture, Hon. Josphat Musembi, LTA expressed its willingness to continue partnering with Lamu towards creating a conducive environment for the tourism sector within the County.

Hon. Musembi noted the County Governor was keen in bringing on board all stake holders within the tourism sector in a bid to ensure Lamu retains its status of being an iconic tourism county. “Lamu island is a very important destination for local and international visitors and the Governor has tasked the Department of Tourism to position and take advantage of the newly opened Lamu port, massive infrastructure improvement across the county to position the Lamu archipelago as a destination of choice for investment and tourism” Said Hon. Musembi.

LTA newly elected Vice Chair Ms. Fridah said their Association is keen to work with the County Government to ensure they revive the tourism sector that was hardly hit by the Covid 19 pandemic. The Association is also keen to ensure Lamu old town keeps its historical stature despite the many challenges it has been facing from time to time. “Our umbrella is made up of members who have invested or involved in tourism directly or indirectly and our major focus has been to ensure we increase the numbers of visitors who visit Lamu by making their stay memorable. We are therefore privileged to work with Lamu County to ensure our input as stake holders is felt positively in putting Lamu on the map” added the hotelier and the owner Lamu Floating Bar.

CECM trade further tasked LTA to come up with a strategic plan on areas of possible collaborations with the county government since any engagement will have to be inclined on a clear legal framework. He further agreed to let LTA host this years Lamu cultural festivals once their proposal on how the event without violating covid 19 rules is approved.

Lamu Governor HE Fahim Twaha has already been identifying key critical areas that can stimulate the tourism sector in Lamu and already funds have been set to facilitate the training and employment of 100 rangers who will be employed at the Dondori national reserve once its operationalized. The department of Tourism is also setting up a Cultural Center as well as engaging boda boda operators to ensure they operate in a structured way that does not inconvenience tourists and locals.

The County is also completing the Lamu market this year which will allow all traders to be operating from a central point thus decongesting the streets. Further, Lamu Municipality has embarked on a through cleaning of the island by ensuring all garbage is collected in good time and the town is kept clean.

Other attendees were Public Service Management and former LTA official Mr. Atwaa, LTA Advisior (Yoga Festival) Mrs. Monika Fauth-Banana, and LTA Secretary Mrs. Susan.


Lamu County Government has announced a series of supportive actions aimed at protecting residents from the spread of COVID-19 throughout the county.

In the aftermath of a new wave of COVID-19 cases, the most devastating in Lamu since the pandemic began early last year, a cabinet meeting presided over by HE Governor Fahim Twaha has determined to implement additional urgent interventions.

In accordance with the Ministry of Health, the County will undertake public education campaigns on fundamental COVID-19 protocols through the Department of Health. This aims to increase community engagement and participatory approaches to help influence people’s behaviors and their willingness to follow public health and social measures .

Analysis of socio-behavioural data by the County department of health indicates unprecedented need to elevate awareness, people-centered/community-led communication and community engagement, at a time when pandemic fatigue is increasing, people becoming more complacent, and risk perceptions are lowering across the country.

The cabinet has also approved the reallocation of budgetary resources from departments to fund a hunger resilience initiative that will help over 10,000 people that are at risk of poor harvests due to short rains.

As part of Governor Fahim’s pledge to provide homes with access to clean water by 2022, Lamu County will mobilize resources for targeted water trucking in areas experiencing severe water shortage.

To increase herd immunity as the county grapples with uncertain weather patterns, the cabinet approved livestock immunization and vaccination campaign across the county to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease.


Story by Lamu Governors Press

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Two smallholder farmer groups in Bahari ward today received 60 heifers respectively under the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP), in collaboration with the Lamu County Government.

Addressing the Group members at chief’s office in Tewe sub location, Deputy governor Abdulhakim Aboud, noted that, the program will give the farmers an alternative way to address climate change-related risks, and food security even in the face of a global pandemic .

“The initiative in partnership with Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture will help enhance food security and rural poverty eradication, through improved disposable income to smallholder agro-pastoral households. This is in line with Governor Fahim Twaha’s agenda of ensuring food and income security in Lamu. It also compliments other initiatives by the county government to support our farmers including subsidized mechanization of agriculture, issuance of free hybrids seeds among others ” Said Hon. Abdulhakim Aboud.

The two groups include, Kiongwe people of good vision and Tewe upendo women.

In attendance was chief of staff Mohammed Bute and Lamu KCSAP coordinator Steven Mbuvi among other county staff.


Story by : Abdalla Simba and Adam Musa

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Lamu County’s Trade Committee has confirmed that Hindi, Majembeni, Hongwe and Witu open-air markets will be operational this year.

The Committee announced this, following an inspection tour of the 4 sites led by CECM Trade, Hon. Josphat Musembi earlier this week .

The four markets have been part of planned construction as part of post-pandemic recovery efforts to revive trade and commerce.

The Committee Chair and Kiunga MCA Hon. Abdalla Baabad thanked the Lamu county Government for giving priority to local traders in the face of unprecedented income losses and uncertainties about their future because of business disruptions due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The revival of the four markets is part of the larger post-covid-19 economic recovery strategy by the Lamu County Government aimed at creating a good environment for local businesses to recover and thrive.

The team later toured the Gongoni Market and later the Mtwapa Market in Kilifi County on a mission to do a competitive analysis of the modern markets, uncover sector trends and set growth goals.


Story by: Patrick Ochieng

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Four small holder farmers’ groups in Witu ward and one from Mkunumbi ward have today received 96 heifers and 30 Langstroth beehives respectively under the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP), in collaboration with Lamu County Government.

Addressing the Group members at chief’s office in Majembeni area, chief of staff Mohammed Bute, urged the Groups to send in more proposals to be considered in other grants .

The beneficiary groups include :-

-Mikinduni livestock self help group.

-witu youth organization

-mzalendo self group

-songa mbele self help group

-chalaluma woljareen

In attendance was Lamu KCSAP coordinator Steven Mbuvi among other county staff.

Lamu County is among the 24 Counties earmarked to benefit from the KCSAP project, a Government of Kenya project jointly supported by the World Bank, which aims to increase agricultural productivity and enhance resilience to climate change risks in select targeted smallholder farming and pastoral communities in Kenya.


Story by : Abdalla Simba and Adam Musa

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Lamu County CECM Public Service Management Hon. Abdu Godana accompanied by Managing Director LAWASCO Paul Wainaina conduted an inspection tour of Nagele water station in Witu ward, Lamu West Sub County.

The Nagele project which is 45%complete entails ;

– Construction of 1.8km pipeline,

-Construction of 24m High

– 50m³ steel elevated tank

-Construction of 50m³ Sump tank

-Solar pumping set.

– Construction of 0.121km perimeter Fence and Security house.

Upon completion, the project will supply Water to more than 8 villages among them Chalaluma, Didewaride, Moa, Katsaka Kairu among others.

Nagele water project is among Governor Fahim Twaha’s MaiMekoni flagship projects that seeks to ensure all homes have access to clean and safe water by the year 2022.


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Lamu County Government is dedicated to ensure 100% transition from Primary to Secondary school through the full scholarship program for outstanding students and the Bursary program for all . Currently over 2,871students are reaping the benefits of the full scholarship program for the fiscal year of 2020/2021.

Earlier today the Lamu County Bursary board led by CECM Education Hon. Paul Thairu HSC and Board Chair Hon. Athman Badi issued scholarship cheques to three secondary schools within Bahari ward in the countywide scholarship issuance exercise.

Bahari Secondary School received Sh. 121,800, Sacred Heart received Sh. 1,620,000 while Hongwe Secondary School which had received its part of disbursement earlier received its balance of Sh. 375,000 scholarship cheque respectively.

Hon. Thairu who was representing Governor Fahim at Hongwe secondary school, congratulated outstanding students under the full sponsorship program encouraging them to work even harder to maintain quality grades all through their secondary education.

“As a county, we are glad that these scholarships have enabled many bright and needy students to access secondary school education devoid of fee challenges” Said Hon. Thairu.

He further noted Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha is also committed to ensure a smooth transition of form four leavers to colleges, universities and TVETs.

Speaking at Sacred Heart Secondary School, Bursary Board Chair Hon. Athman Badi assured students and parents that the board is committed to serve the public and ensure all deserving students are awarded scholarships and bursaries.

“ Your hard work and determination earns you recognition and the full scholarship . On behalf of the board, I want to challenge you to continue working hard and together we can bring to fruition the goal to transform our county through Education as envisioned in Governor Fahim Twaha’s agenda ” Said Hon. Badi.

Hongwe Ward MCA Hon. James Komu(Janko) thanked Governor Fahim Twaha for increasing scholarship and bursary allocation from 176 million shillings last year to 250 million shillings this financial year. He further lauded the county for initiating the noble scholarship program saying Lamu has shifted the goal posts and set a great example to other counties on supporting Education for all.

Also in attendance was Bursary Board Secretary, CEO Mrs. Maliha Mohamed, Mzee Kariuki Wa Charity among others.


Photo Credit: Patrick Ochieng.

Story by: Lamu Governors Press.

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Kiunga Ward elders and community leaders today backed Governor Fahim Twaha’s administration.

They have outlined the impact of development initiatives in Kiunga in the areas of health, water, education, agriculture, and blue economy as being socially and economically transformative for their community.

The announcement was made during a courtesy call to Governor Fahim Twaha at the Mokowe Lamu County Headquarters Office, led by Kiunga Ward’s MCA Hon. Abdallah Babadi.

Kiunga Ward has benefited from County projects including;

1.Groundbreaking “Mai Mekoni” water project which entail construction of a 15 Km water pipeline, piping and connection of over 573 households, fabrication and installation of 15m high steel elevated tank,50m³ Sumptank,Installation of solar pumping and solar generator for the existing desalination plant,Construction of ablution blocks and Sanitation for Kiunga Primary School

2. Empowerment of youths through education by way of bursaries and scholarships

3. Issuance of fishing gears and outboard engines to the fishermen in Kiunga

4. NHIF cover for Kiunga households

5. Provision of ECDE equipment, learning and teaching material

6. Provision of certified maize seeds, cow peas and green grams to Kiunga small holder farmers

7. Planning and surveying and regularizing of Vipingoni settlement scheme

8. Construction of fisherman landing site( Rubu Mwambore campsite)

9. Construction of Kiwayu social hall and Ndau sociall hall phase two

10. Livestock health improvement programme for pastoralists in Kiunga

11. Kenya climate smart agriculture project among a host of other infrastructure projects.

Governor Twaha credited his administration’s social transformation approach with laying the groundwork for enhancing the Lamu population’s living standards, empowerment, wealth, and job creation. He pledged to continue his social transformation programs in Kiunga Ward and the larger Lamu County.


Story by: Athman Omar

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A coalition of Mpeketoni Business Traders today commended the county government’s ongoing plans to promote opportunity and economic status in Bahari Ward.

The endorsement came today after a business stakeholders meeting with the County Government in Mokowe, where Governor Fahim Twaha laid out part of his plans for the Bahari Ward business community for the coming fiscal year.

According to Governor Fahim, the County will start construction on a modernized Mpeketoni Market, which was stalled five years ago and will house over 100 vendors, as well as construct an open-air market space to help over 200 small traders make a living.

Governor Fahim announced that an enhanced street lighting campaign will commence in certain parts of Mpeketoni to promote participation, security, and a conducive environment to trade for long hours and increase income.

Further, a ‘Boda Boda’ shelter will be constructed to house riders and promote an organised transport system.

“This fiscal year, we’re focusing on programs that make a positive economic impact on every mwananchi in order to support a vibrant economy. Because commerce and enterprise are important parts of the Mpeketoni economy, we are starting with improving our business infrastructure, ” Governor Fahim stated.

He also stated that his administration is eager to finish the land reform process in Witemere and deliver title deeds to citizens.

“Title deeds aren’t only about ownership; they’re also about wealth generation tools that an owner might use to succeed. We are dedicated to including Witemere locals among the almost 6000 legal landowners to whom we have granted title deeds “Governor added

Hon. Josphat Musembi, CECM Trade, Tourism, Enterprise Development and Industrialization, was also present.


story by: Samuel Mkare

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