Lamu County is working on a comprehensive trade and investment policy to assist local firms in taking advantage of Lamu Port potential.

The policy is based on Kenya’s ease of doing business approach to improve efficiency and eliminate bureaucracy in facilitating trade and domestic investment, according to CEM Trade, Tourism and Industrialization, Hon. Josephat Musembi, speaking at the launch of Fadhili Micro-Enterprises Ltd Branch in Mpeketoni.

“A County Trade and Investment Guide is being developed through a one-stop shop portal that will house the regulatory processes and investment opportunities that a local investor needs to know to make informed decisions when investing in Lamu,” said Hon. Musembi.

He emphasized the County Government’s efforts to create trade infrastructure as a commitment to establishing a welcoming environment for traders and youth, both of whom are critical to the success of trade and industrialization.

” A lot of milestones have occurred under Governor Fahim Twaha’s leadership to drive a thriving trade environment, whether it’s the installation of security lights throughout the county, the construction of markets and the rehabilitation or modernization of ageing retail markets, the opening up of rural roads, or cabro paving our towns and markets,” CECM Musembi said.

The Ministry of Youth and Gender will soon begin disbursing cheques for Youth, Women, and People With Disabilities grants, according to CECM Musembi, which will assist stimulate trade and entrepreneurship.

He went on to say that the opening of 14 satellite polytechnics across the county will assist youth people in developing competitive skill sets required for industrial development.


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Lamu County Governor HE Fahim Twaha has disbursed bursaries worth Ksh. 37.6 million to needy students from Lamu studying in colleges and universities across the country.

According to Governor Fahim, over 2,200 cheques for students who applied for bursaries are ready and should be collected from their respective Ward administrator’s offices while delivery of cheques for applicants from the institutions listed below started last week and is well on course .

1. Chuka University

2. Dedan Kimathi university

3. Egerton university


5. Kenya Coast National Polytechnic


7. Kenya Methodist

8. Kenyatta University

9. Kilifi College of Accountancy

10. Maseno university

11. Moi university 12.

Pwani university

13. Technical University of Mombasa

14. Umma university

15. University of Nairobi

16. Vision ECDE training center.

This will facilitate steady validation process. Upto now the County Bursary Committee has handed over cheques for Mkomani, Bahari, Faza, Kiunga, Witu, Mkunumbi, Kiunga and Hindi wards respectively.

The Governor has further urged parents with students in colleges and universities to take advantage of the bursary kitty to educate their children and secure their future, maintaining that his administration is committed to empower all Lamu youths through education .

Lamu county Government has budgeted for Ksh. 250 Million in this financial year to cater for over 2,000 students under secondary school full scholarship program, over 8,500 students under secondary school normal bursaries and over 2,200 students under college and university bursaries.

All parents/guardians/students who will collect bursary cheques from Ward Administrator offices will be required to bring back a school payment receipt to their respective Ward Administrator’s office for record purposes.

For further clarification or inquiries contact Mr.Sadik Mulei Kariuki via phone number 0718704187 (communication officer) lamu county bursary and scholarship management board.


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Six smallholder farmer groups in Faza ward today received 68 heifers,65 goats and one boat under the county Government of Lamu in partnership with World Bank-funded Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Program (KCSAP).

Addressing the Group members Deputy governor Abdulhakim Aboud, explained that, the initiative aims to diversify and promote food and income security for small holder farmers across the whole county even in the face of a global pandemic and uncertain weather patterns.

“The County government under the leadership of Governor Fahim Twaha is committed to continue supporting farmers in food production to ensure food security for all. Distribution of relief animal feeds is still underway to cushion our farmers against the effects of prevailing drought.” Said Hon.Abdulhakim Aboud

The six beneficiary groups include; Maarifa Self Help Group and Majengo Self Help Group both from Pate village,Tawakal Ilaahi Self Help Group from Siu, Bwajumwali Dhow Maker Self help group ,Tuungane Self Help Group and Tawakul Disable Self Help Group both from Kizingitini.

The ongoing multifaceted social protection program aims to enhance food security and rural poverty eradication through improved disposable income to smallholder agro-pastoral households.

In attendance was Lamu KCSAP coordinator Steven Mbuvi among other county staff.


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Mokowe Market will open for business in January 2022, according to Lamu County’s Department of Trade and Industrialization.

According to CECM Josphat Musembi, the market will have 120-150 enterprises, with 5 units each hosting 30-40 businesses and a foothold of over 1,000 customers.

It will serve farmers from Hindi and its surroundings, including Mokowe, Pate, Vumbe, Faza, Kizingitini, and inside the Municipality, as a complement to Lamu and Mpeketoni markets, reducing congestion, time, and distance traveled by farmers and traders to Mpeketoni market.

Lamu municipal manager, Mr. Omar Famau, termed the project as timely saying it coincides with County government’s economic empowerment program for small holder farmers to increase agricultural production .

Chief officer Municipality, Mr. Alex Jimbi said the market will be a game changer for Mokowe residents whose town status has remained as a ‘village’ due to lack of amenities such as markets. Mr. Jimbi underlined the importance of the modern market in spurring economic growth for not only Mokowe, but entire Hindi ward.

Within HE Governor Fahim Twaha’s social economic strategy, market infrastructure is one of the major initiatives under trade and industry. It is supported by World Bank’s Kenya Urban Support Programme (KUSP) and implemented by Lamu Municipality under the County Government of Lamu


Story by: Athman Omar

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Chief Officer Education, Technology and Vocational Training, Mr Abdalla Ahmed held a consultative meeting with the management and instructors of the Mokowe Vocational Training Center at Mokowe, Hindi Ward.

Addressing the trainees during an inspection tour of the facility, Mr Ahmed underlined that Governor Fahim’s administration has made far-reaching reforms in the TVET sector to churn technologists and artisans required to contribute to Kenya’s and Lamu’s industrial goals. He encouraged the youths to take advantage of the opportunities to secure a better future for themselves .

“We have opened 14 satellite polytechnics across the County, scrapped off fees in all of them and expanded the curricula. Make use of these facilities to get required foundational skillset to get employment opportunities or even self-employ ” Said Mr Ahmed

Lamu County’s commitment to increase the number of graduates with technical expertise, mirrors the national government’s ambition to reduce a skills gap that exists in building infrastructure in line with Vision 2030 development goals.


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CECM Trade, Tourism and Industrilization Josephat Musembi today played host to the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) at the County headquarters in Mokowe in what was described as the beginning of a Long term partnership towards promoting Trade, Investment and private sector development in Lamu County.

Addressing the Kenya Association of Manufacturer’s delegation, Hon. Josephat Musembi said the County Government under the leadership of Governor Fahim Twaha is committed to increase private sector investment to improve County’s competitiveness, encourage diversification, create employment as well as a more inclusive economic growth .

“The County Government recognizes the private sector as a critical stakeholder and partner in economic development, a provider of income, jobs, goods, and services to enhance the lives of the people of Lamu and reduce poverty. We are keen on promoting continuous dialogue with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), to help create an improved business environment and enhance investor confidence in Lamu. We will Partner with KAM to create awareness of opportunities for manufacturers in Lamu as well as partner in finding practical solutions for trade and investment constraints” Said Hon. Musembi

Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Association of Manufacturers(KAM), Ms Phyllis Wakiaga said the partnership between KAM and the County Government will help to not only promote trade and investment but also uphold standards, encourage the formulation, enactment and administration of sound policies that facilitate a competitive business environment .

Lamu county officials took the KAM delegation through a host of possible investment opportunities within Lamu County . Notably, Lamu host’s Eastern Africa’s largest and most ambitious infrastructure project. Any Manufacturer investing in Lamu stands to benefit from; a special economic zone( SEZ), interregional highways, crude oil pipeline, development of international airport, standard gauge railway lines, resort cities, merchant oil refinery, fiber optic cables and communication systems among others.

Among areas earmarked for investment include;

1. Establishment of fruit processing plant in Majembeni Mpeketoni

2. Establishment of Flour Milling Factory in Hindi ward

3. Establishment of Sugar Processing factory in Nyongoro-Witu Ward

4. Establishment of oil processing factory to add value to locally produced sesame, coconut and cashew nuts

5. Establishment of Cotton Ginnery

6. Establishment of a Milk Processing Plant in Witu with a capacity of 10,000 lts per day to produce Pasteurized milk, UHT, Yoghurt, Mala, Powdered Milk

7. Establishment of a Honey Processing Plant

8. Establishment of a Meat Processing Plant in Baragoni HindiA slaughter facility that can handle 1000 cattle a day both slaughter, processing and packaging.

9. Establishment of Livestock feeds processing plant

10. Establishment of Fishing inputs factory for production of fishing gears, artificial baits, fishing aids(GPS, Fish finders), sea safety aids, pond liners etc

11.Development of fishing fleets;Development of boat making industry i.e boat designs for artisanal, semi- industrial and industrial vessels

12.Aquaculture and Mariculture Development

13.Cold Chain Storage Facilities – Ice Making and Cold rooms

14.Construction of Modern Fish Markets

15.Fish Processing and Value additionConverting BMUs into light fish factories / fish cottage industries for filleting, canning, smoking, drying, brimming

16.Quality AssuaranceProduction of Protective gears and fish handling equipment and Fisheries Lab equipment

The availability of regular power supply and proximity of LAPPSET project positions Lamu to be an ideal industrial hub.

The KAM delegation later paid a courtesy call to the office of the Deputy Governor Hon. Abdulhakim Aboud before proceeding for a site visit of the Lamu Port .

Others in attendance included Mr. Tobias Alando, Head of Membership KAM, Susan Gitau KAM Coast Regional Manager , Samuel Mulu Mutisya, KAM manager in charge of Devolution . Ahmed Mohamed Hemed, CECM lands, Physical planning, Infrastructure and Urban Development Lamu, Atwah Salim, Chief Officer Trade, Tourism and Industrialization Lamu, Nahid Mousa, Director PSM among others .


Photography by: Adam Musa

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In response to adverse effects of the ongoing drought and high risk of livestock mortality, Lamu County Government, through the department of Livestock in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have officially launched the distribution of relief animal feeds to sustain targeted animals over a period of two months .

Through the exercise, the County Government targets to cushion over 750 livestock keepers across the county covering over 3,000 heads of cattle affected by drought and disease.

Speaking during the official launch of the exercise in Moa Village, Witu ward, the Chief Officer Food Security and Co-operative Development, Dr Charles Gichohi explained that, the highly fortified and nutritious feeds will help boost the condition of the livestock already grappling with the effects of the prevailing drought.

” In addition to the relief animal feeds, the County Government is set to soon initiate a free mass vaccination and deworming campaign to cushion our pastrolists and livestock farmers; by increasing herd immunity, preventing livestock loses that negatively impact livestock supplies in the local and international market. The County Government will shoulder vaccine purchase and administration on behalf of the Lamu Pastoralists and livestock farmers and the service will be free of charge, please avail your livestock for vaccination,” Said Dr Gichohi

He further urged the farmers to report any disease outbreak to their respective agricultural officers to enable quick interventions. He noted that the county is currently experiencing an influx of livestock from neighbouring counties due to the ongoing drought, raising the risks of spread of more livestock diseases .

Meanwhile the County Government driven relief food drive is still underway as well as emergency water trucking programme in which the Lamu Water and Sewerage Company has been providing water to villages hard hit by the drought.

Dr. Gichohi was accompanied by the County Chief of Staff Mr. Mohammed Bute among other county officials.


Story by: Samuel Mkare

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Chief Officer Education, Technology and Vocational Training Mr Abdalla Ahmed was earlier today at the Kizingitini Vocational Training Center on a familiarisation tour of the facility in Lamu East Sub-County.

Mr Abdalla, who was accompanied by the acting assistant director TVET Mr Fidelis Mulei, held an emersion forum with the youth trainees and instructors at the vocational centre.

Under Governor Fahim Twaha’s agenda of “Empowerment through Education”, the County government expanded the TVETs curricula to enable the institutions develop local experts with creative skills to improve Lamu’s creative economy. School fees in all the TVET institutions has been scrapped off to increase enrolment for youth keen to develop their creative skillsets,

According to the Department of Education, Technology, Youth Affairs, Sports, Gender and Social Services, the County Government has enabled access and increase in the number of youth trainees in local TVET’s to over 3,500 in 2021 from just 447 by 2017.

Last year 2020, 374 students pursuing different courses sat for their National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) exams.

Chief Officer Education, Technology and Vocational Training Mr Abdalla Ahmed meets instructors and trainees at the Witu and Mpeketoni Vocational Training Centers during a familiarisation tour. Mr. Ahmed is among the 13 newly appointed Chief Officers .

The Lamu County Government under the leadership of Governor Fahim Twaha has reviewed the TVETs curricula to enable the institutions develop local experts with creative skills to improve Lamu’s creative economy. School fees in all the TVET institutions has been scrapped off to increase enrolment for youth keen to develop their creative skillsets.

The County now boasts of 14 satellite Vocational Training Centers across the County from just 4 in 2017. Youth trainees across the County have an opportunity to build their creative skills in beauty therapy, carpentry, fashion design, masonry and plumbing among others which will help build the local creative economy. The courses are offered free of charge to Lamu Youths.


Lamu County Government has launched a community sensitization program on maternity and newborn healthcare across the county in order to prevent COVID-19-related maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality.

Pregnant women are encouraged to start antenatal clinic visits early and present themselves early at health institutions if they go into labor under the Department of Health’s initiative.

It has begun community advocacy across the county, and home visits by community health volunteers will begin soon.

The initiative is based on data by the Department of Health showing that pregnant mothers were afraid of contracting COVID-19 if they went to a hospital for maternal and perinatal care.

CECM Health Dr Anne Gathoni, speaking at the county headquarters in Mokowe, highlighted that the initiative’s purpose is to minimize baby and maternal mortality through involving families, communities, and decision-makers.

“We know that the overall message to the public is to avoid going to hospital unless absolutely necessary in order to avoid contracting Covid-19. However, pregnant women should begin seeking antenatal care as soon as they know they are expecting,” Dr. Gathoni stated. Antenatal care is vital for detecting risk factors such as past obstetric history, repeated fetal status assessments, as well as basic health care education and management.

“According to the data, seven perinatal deaths and 5 neonatal deaths were recorded at Mpeketoni Sub-County Hospital in September, compared to an average of two to three newborn deaths in the previous months. This is attributed to expectant patients delaying access to healthcare institutions for basic services following the fourth wave of the pandemic.

Dr. Gathoni also stated that the County Government plans to open an operating theater at Witu Health Centre to relieve pressure on the Mpeketoni Sub-County Hospital. Evidence from across Kenya indicates that during the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital services were either stretched to their full capacity or became overwhelmed, exacerbating maternal healthcare issues.

By improving care quality and expanding the availability of high-quality health services for mothers and newborns, Lamu County has made recent success in improving neonatal survival and promoting health and welfare of mothers and newborns.

The County has purchased a new ambulance dedicated to maternal healthcare, completed an MCH block with a mother/child clinic, and established a telemedicine consultation unit with Gertrudes Hospital for children in need of specialized treatment. It also bought a new lab analyzer and restocked a quarterly supply of vital drugs and medical supplies.

Pregnant mothers are also encouraged to get vaccinated against Covid 19. The vaccine is safe for use during pregnancy, and helps improve mother/baby outcomes.


Story by: Athman Omar

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