Governor Fahim Twaha earlier today led Lamu traders, dignitaries and wananchi in a colourful ceremony to officially open the Lamu market for business.

This is a breath of fresh air for the Lamu traders as the new market will accommodate more traders with a holding capacity of over 200 and comes with improved sanitation.

Other features of the new market includes storage facilities, coolers for perishable products, ramps and facilities for persons living with disability among others.

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Governor Fahim Twaha has officially opened another new dispensary to boost provision of primary health care for Kashmir residents in Mkomani Ward.

This is a historic first and a huge relief for the people of Kashmir who can now easily obtain quality and affordable healthcare right at the heart of their Village.

The Lamu County Government under it’s larger program to improve access to primary healthcare for all, initiated the construction of the modern dispensary in Kashmir at a cost of 4.9 Million shillings .

The dispensary will enhance ease of access to health services reduce the burden of morbidity and long treks in search of health care services for the residents of Kashmir.

H.E Governor Fahim Twaha termed access to primary health care as a fundamental human right and one of his core agendas, adding that, five other new dispensaries constructed in the past four years will also be commissioned.

Governor Twaha explained that, after the new dispensaries officially start operations, the department of Health Services will then move to the next phase which is to prioritize strengthening all existing health facilities to attain the National Health Infrastructure norms and standards.

The Kashmir dispensary will offer basic services like;

-General Patient Consultations- Antenatal care

-Child welfare clinic

-Screening of non communicable diseases like cervical cancer, hypertension, diabetes

-Deliveries by skilled birth attendants among others .

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Lamu County’s capacity to manage critical care patients has been enhanced with the launch of a new Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the King Fahd Referral Hospital.

The ICU wing is designated for critically ill patients with potentially recoverable life-threatening conditions.

Set separately in a self-contained area within the hospital, the ICU wing is equipped with high-tech specialised facilities for management, close and continuous monitoring, rapid intervention and extended treatment of patients with acute organ dysfunction.

Launching the ICU earlier this afternoon, Governor Fahim Twaha said the new facility is a great milestone towards availing critical care in Lamu

“I’m glad that we are operationizing the ICU but as gradually upgrade the infrastructure and personnel. We plan to increase its three bed capacity to 13 as well as the number ventilators, air conditioning units and fully trained employed ICU nurses which currently stand at four for each,” he said.

Beyond the ICU, the County Government is building an ultra modern laboratory at the King Fahd Referral Hospital.



The King Fahd Referral Hospital Laboratory is being upgraded to meet WHO standards by the administration of Governor Fahim Twaha.

The ongoing Phase one of the project will see the formation and building of different laboratory units, such as;

1. Microbiology

2. Biochemistry

3. Hematology

4. Histology Among others.

With the completion of this project, the hospital will have a building that satisfies the criteria for infrastructure accreditation, allowing the laboratory to be ISO certified to better and more effectively serve the residents of Lamu.

The government of H.E Hon Fahim, has also allocated budget for the second phase of the same laboratory. This will allow further extension for development of a PCR molecular laboratory for the screening and testing of infectious diseases.

In an effort to increase access to quality and affordable healthcare for all, the government of Governor Fahim Twaha has implemented a raft of measures including;

-Health workforce expansion by hiring over 200 more health care professionals and specialists.

-Invested heavily in health infrastructure, including the building of 5 new dispensaries and the remodeling and upgrading of medical facilities countywide.

-Four new ambulances-Establishment of a blood bank in Mokowe.

-Improved maternity services which increased percentage of women giving birth in hospitals from 68 percent to 90 percent

-Opening of a methadone clinic in King Fahd Referral Hospital.

-The creation of an emergency referral unit

-The financing of health care for more than 20,000 households enrolled in the NHIF Among others



Residents of Wiyoni Village in Mkomani Ward can now access quality and affordable health care right in their own neighborhood.

This evening, Governor Fahim Twaha officially opened the new Wiyoni dispensary as part of a bigger initiative to increase access to primary healthcare for all people of Lamu County.

H.E. Governor Fahim Twaha described primary healthcare as a crucial human right and one of his main goals while speaking in Wiyoni during the launch ceremony.

“KingFahd Hospital anticipates lessening congestion and workload thanks to the new Wiyoni and Kashmir dispensaries in Mkomani Ward. The County Government has hired extra nurses and doctors to staff these facilities. This guarantees that we have sufficient medical personnel to care for our population. We have completed the acquisition of furniture and medical supplies and are now prepared to begin,”he said.

The Wiyoni dispensary will offer a host of primary health services including;

Outpatient services

VCT services

Tuberculosis services

Laboratory Services i.e screening of non communicable diseases like cervical cancer, hypertension, diabetes ,

Antenatal care

Antenatal and Postnatal services

PharmacyCounselling services

Curative treatment

Deliveries by skilled birth attendants

Among others

The County Government has also achieved many other milestones in the enhancement of health care for all, including:

Construction of a New OPD Block in Mpeketoni hospital to fully operate to its elevated status of a Sub-County referral hospital.

Upgrading of the Siyu dispensary into a fully fledged Health Centre .

Construction of a Materninty wing in Mpeketoni.

Construction of new born unit at Kingfahd and Faza, and HDU in King fahad -Enhancement/Optimization and operationalization of Witu Hospital theatre facilities.

Construction of Maternity Shelter in Witu, KingFahd and Faza.

Construction of a Methadone Assisted Therapy/MAT clinic at the Kingfahd Hospital.

Addressing health personnel shortages in Lamu through recruitment of over 400 Healthcare professionals.

Construction of a new OPD in Faza.

Training of Health care workers .

Employment of specialists; Surgeons and gynecologists.

NHIF Super cover- 20,000 families have been registered countywide accessing free medical services.

Procurement of pharmaceutical supplies for all health facilities countywide

Earlier in the day Governor Fahim Twaha launched a number of other County projects in Mkomani Ward among them the New Kashmir dispensary and the Refurbished Lamu Municipal Market .


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Governor Fahim Twaha has officially unveiled the newly constructed Wiyoni ECDE center consisting of two classrooms and two toilets.

The county has also deployed four certified ECDE teachers from the newly hired team to the school to fill the teacher shortage on a permanent and pensionable basis. For the approximately 74 students at the institution, who will now be able to obtain high quality education in a secure setting, this is a huge relief.

Governor Fahim Twaha’s administration has deployed another over 47 competent ECDE teachers to ECDE Centers throughout Mkomani ward.

In the last five years, Governor Fahim Twaha’s administration has implemented a raft of measures to improve access to and improve the quality of early childhood education in Lamu, including the construction of 38 ECDEs, the hiring of over 224 trained teachers, training and capacity building for all teachers, the Hiring of ECDE Supervisors, the distribution of teaching materials and furniture to all public ECDE centers , among others.



Governor Fahim Twaha has said that his administration is laying a foundation for national universities and colleges to establish constituent campuses in Lamu County.

He said the County has engaged top universities and colleges to establish satellite campuses that will cater for the steady stream of top students from Lamu County secondary schools.

“These Campuses will ensure that Lamu County students access quality tertiary education close from home and compliment our ambition for access for quality education for all.It will also help locals get business through renting hostels to students,” he added.

He was speaking at a Prize Giving Ceremony held at Witu Mjini Secondary School earlier today joined by 1000 parents, students and teachers.

Over 200 students, past 2020 and 2021 KCSE exams students, continuing students and teachers who performed well in their studies and subjects received gifts ranging from bicycles, suitcases, revision books and learning materials.

Governor Fahim Twaha attributed incredible performances in schools partly to the County’s education financing programs.

“We have seen how the issuance of bursaries and scholarships to top performers and deserving students is helping to improve performances across the county while ensuring equitable access to education to all in Lamu,” he stated.

Also present were Kenya Police Service Chairman Mr. Eliud Kinuthia, Education CECM Hon. Paul Thairu, Finance CECM Hon. Abdu Godana, Trade CECM Hon. Dismas Mwasambu, Chief of staff Mr. Mohamed Bute, and representatives from the education and security sectors.



Over 598 families in Mpeketoni Township have received their title deeds today afternoon, after years of living in uncertainty due to lack of ownership documentation for the properties they have called home for more than 50 years.

Speaking at Kamukunji grounds in Mpeketoni, Bahari ward, Governor Fahim Twaha reaffirmed his government’s belief that land ownership is a fundamental right for all Lamu residents and vowed to empower everyone through issuance of title deeds with fairness, free from prejudice or bias.

“My Government is aware that Lamu is experiencing unprecedented land competition as a result of the operationalization of Lamu Port and the growing population. A situation that is continually exposing poor families to threats of losing their land to corrupt elements, or through protracted and acrimonious land disputes. I want to make sure that all small-holder land owners and their families are legally safeguarded by issuing them with title deeds through a fair and open process, so that they can develop their land and grow as Lamu grows. We have over 36,000 title deeds in waiting,” said Governor Fahim Twaha

He added that, the Title deeds will enable landowners and businesses in Mpeketoni township to access credit facilities from financial institutions, affording them the chance to grow their businesses and build permanent homes, free from ownership uncertainties.

The ongoing issuances validate Governor Fahim Twaha’s land reforms strategy that promised to legitimize the status of small land owners in 2016.In the last 4 years Governor Twaha has issued approximately 6,300 title deeds.

In attendance was the Lamu County Executive Committee Members, the National Police Service Commission Chair(NPSC), Mr Eliud N. Kinuthia, CBS,OGW, HSC, County Commissioner Mr Irungu Macharia, Mpeketoni township community leaders, religious leaders among others .


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