Four smallholder farmer groups in Mkunumbi ward today received 82 heifers respectively under the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP), in collaboration with the Lamu County Government.

Addressing the Group members at chief’s office in Mapenya location, Chief of staff Mohammed Bute, assured the farmers that the County government under the leadership of Governor Fahim Twaha is committed to support local farmers lauding the program saying it will give the farmers an alternative way to address climate change-related risks, and food security even in the face of a global pandemic .

The four groups include, Madina women group, Alintiswar self help group,Ndambwe walemavu self help group and Mapenya jiinuwe self help group.

The initiative in partnership with Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture will help enhance food security and rural poverty eradication, through improved disposable income to smallholder agro-pastoral households. This is in line with Governor Fahim Twaha’s agenda of ensuring food and income security in Lamu.

It also compliments other initiatives by the county government to support our farmers including subsidized mechanization of agriculture, issuance of free hybrids seeds among others

In attendance was Lamu KCSAP coordinator Steven Mbuvi among other county staff.


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