Hon. Fahim Yassin Twaha 

Governor Lamu County

H.E Fahim Yasin Twaha is the Governor of Lamu County. Currently appointed by Council of Governors as the Chairman of cooperatives & Enterprise Development. He Possess a Degree in Economics and Masters in MBA .He also has knowledge, expertise and exposure in leadership which gives him a cutting edge advantage in implementation of his proposed manifesto that has the best interest of the mwananchi at heart. He has public and interpersonal relation skills which will not only enable him to attract the investors in a Public Private Partnership but also ensure realization of the employee motivation aspect (especially the health workers) through advocacy with the Council of Governors. H.E Fahim Yasin Twaha is a veteran politician with over 21 years’ experience in leadership and governance. He has served Lamu people for a period of fifteen (15) years in his capacity as a Member of Parliament, Lamu West Constituency and as an Assistant Minister Natural Resource. In his tenure he contributed significantly in the community development and achieved remarkably among others the following;
  • Constructed over 14 secondary schools.
  • Established over 6 health centers
  • Developed over 6 water projects
  • Raised transition rate of secondary schools to colleges
  • Raise transition rate of primary school to secondary school from 21% In 1997 to 73% in 2013
  • Connected electricity to different locations in Lamu west.
  • Constructed Cattle dips
He hails from a native family that has played a prominent role in education and well-being of Lamu people. His great maternal grandfather donated the lands where the Lamu Boys Primary School and Mkomani Girls Primary School (currently known as Mahmoud Bin Fadhil Boys and Girls Primary School respectively) stand. They also donated land where Lamu water supply wells were dug for the welfare of the community.