Four small holder farmers’ groups in Witu ward and one from Mkunumbi ward have today received 96 heifers and 30 Langstroth beehives respectively under the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP), in collaboration with Lamu County Government.

Addressing the Group members at chief’s office in Majembeni area, chief of staff Mohammed Bute, urged the Groups to send in more proposals to be considered in other grants .

The beneficiary groups include :-

-Mikinduni livestock self help group.

-witu youth organization

-mzalendo self group

-songa mbele self help group

-chalaluma woljareen

In attendance was Lamu KCSAP coordinator Steven Mbuvi among other county staff.

Lamu County is among the 24 Counties earmarked to benefit from the KCSAP project, a Government of Kenya project jointly supported by the World Bank, which aims to increase agricultural productivity and enhance resilience to climate change risks in select targeted smallholder farming and pastoral communities in Kenya.


Story by : Abdalla Simba and Adam Musa

For more information contact:

Lamu County Government Communications Office at