Residents of Wiyoni Village in Mkomani Ward can now access quality and affordable health care right in their own neighborhood.

This evening, Governor Fahim Twaha officially opened the new Wiyoni dispensary as part of a bigger initiative to increase access to primary healthcare for all people of Lamu County.

H.E. Governor Fahim Twaha described primary healthcare as a crucial human right and one of his main goals while speaking in Wiyoni during the launch ceremony.

“KingFahd Hospital anticipates lessening congestion and workload thanks to the new Wiyoni and Kashmir dispensaries in Mkomani Ward. The County Government has hired extra nurses and doctors to staff these facilities. This guarantees that we have sufficient medical personnel to care for our population. We have completed the acquisition of furniture and medical supplies and are now prepared to begin,”he said.

The Wiyoni dispensary will offer a host of primary health services including;

Outpatient services

VCT services

Tuberculosis services

Laboratory Services i.e screening of non communicable diseases like cervical cancer, hypertension, diabetes ,

Antenatal care

Antenatal and Postnatal services

PharmacyCounselling services

Curative treatment

Deliveries by skilled birth attendants

Among others

The County Government has also achieved many other milestones in the enhancement of health care for all, including:

Construction of a New OPD Block in Mpeketoni hospital to fully operate to its elevated status of a Sub-County referral hospital.

Upgrading of the Siyu dispensary into a fully fledged Health Centre .

Construction of a Materninty wing in Mpeketoni.

Construction of new born unit at Kingfahd and Faza, and HDU in King fahad -Enhancement/Optimization and operationalization of Witu Hospital theatre facilities.

Construction of Maternity Shelter in Witu, KingFahd and Faza.

Construction of a Methadone Assisted Therapy/MAT clinic at the Kingfahd Hospital.

Addressing health personnel shortages in Lamu through recruitment of over 400 Healthcare professionals.

Construction of a new OPD in Faza.

Training of Health care workers .

Employment of specialists; Surgeons and gynecologists.

NHIF Super cover- 20,000 families have been registered countywide accessing free medical services.

Procurement of pharmaceutical supplies for all health facilities countywide

Earlier in the day Governor Fahim Twaha launched a number of other County projects in Mkomani Ward among them the New Kashmir dispensary and the Refurbished Lamu Municipal Market .


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