The King Fahd Referral Hospital Laboratory is being upgraded to meet WHO standards by the administration of Governor Fahim Twaha.

The ongoing Phase one of the project will see the formation and building of different laboratory units, such as;

1. Microbiology

2. Biochemistry

3. Hematology

4. Histology Among others.

With the completion of this project, the hospital will have a building that satisfies the criteria for infrastructure accreditation, allowing the laboratory to be ISO certified to better and more effectively serve the residents of Lamu.

The government of H.E Hon Fahim, has also allocated budget for the second phase of the same laboratory. This will allow further extension for development of a PCR molecular laboratory for the screening and testing of infectious diseases.

In an effort to increase access to quality and affordable healthcare for all, the government of Governor Fahim Twaha has implemented a raft of measures including;

-Health workforce expansion by hiring over 200 more health care professionals and specialists.

-Invested heavily in health infrastructure, including the building of 5 new dispensaries and the remodeling and upgrading of medical facilities countywide.

-Four new ambulances-Establishment of a blood bank in Mokowe.

-Improved maternity services which increased percentage of women giving birth in hospitals from 68 percent to 90 percent

-Opening of a methadone clinic in King Fahd Referral Hospital.

-The creation of an emergency referral unit

-The financing of health care for more than 20,000 households enrolled in the NHIF Among others