Karibu Lamu

Karibu Lamu



Lamu County to receive Ksh722 million from equalization fund from National treasury

Lamu County will receive Ksh 722 million, amongst the 14 counties that will benefit from equalization fund from National treasury ...
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Fishing Competition 2016

Our last year fishing competitions were fruitful to our fisherman, another one is coming this Monday 12/12/2016. LAMU THE ISLAND ...
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World Aids Day held at Mkunguni Town Square

17% of approximately 1500 people living with AIDS in Lamu County are youths aged 15-24 years, statistics of the year ...
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Irrigation Schemes

The Lamu County Government has established sevaral small-scale irrigation schemes aimed at boosting food security across the area.The devolved unit's ...
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Kiwayuu Village Water Project by County Government of Lamy

50 years of independent has been rough to accessibility of fresh and clean water in Kiwayuu village Kiunga Ward. The ...
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Lamu Cultural Festival 2016

One way of enriching the lamu people's culture is through traditional dances. to mention afew are the famous bati dance, ...
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