Department of Lands, Physical Planning, Urban Development, Energy, Water and Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Works


To achieve the vision and mission the county shall carry out land audit redistribute land through establishment of settlement schemes, carry out spatial planning, reduce the distance to accessible clean water to less than 1 km for most residents and in liaison with the national government, put in place all time economic infrastructure such as roads,electricity and ICT. 

Land and land use:
The county has land surface area of 6273.1km2 composed of 5517 km2 of arable land 649.7 km2 of non arable land,130km2 of coastline and 308 km2 under water mass.Lamu West sits on land surface area of 3971.3km2 hence taking 63.3% of total land,leaving Lamu East with 36.7%.Kiunga division in Lamu East occupies 96.6% of Lamu Eastland surface area.

The bulk of arable land is in Lamu West while Lamu East takes the bulk of water mass. Based on the physiographic and climatic conditions,the county is classified into the following Agro-Ecological zones; Coastal lowlands, Coconut Cassava zone, Cashew nut-Cassava zone, Livestock millet zone and Lowland ranching zone.

Firewood and charcoal are the main sources of cooking fuel,with use of LPG limited to the affluent in the urban centres.

The county’s main sources of water include ground water which is mostly saline,surface water from dams,pans, jabiars, lakes, seasonal rivers and ocean. Four organizations including Lamu water and sewerage company, Lake Kenyatta Water Association, Hindi Water Association and Witu Water users association, manage the county’s water supply. Rainwater is the main source of fresh/soft water for the county residents.

Due to its inhibitive costs, only private individuals and hotels carry out desalination. The average distance of household to access clean water is approximately 5km

Lands Department Activities

  •  Launch of the Lamu County Spatial Plan, the first ever in the Country
  • Preparation of Memorandums of Understanding between the County Government of Lamu and Other Development Partners The MoUs include:
    a) An MoU between the County Government of Lamu (CGL) and WWF aimed at supporting the County Spatial Plan;
    b) An MoU between the CGL and the University of Nairobi (UoN) aimed at assisting the County Government developing policies that are informed by research; and
    c) An MoU between the CGL and ICFRAF aimed at assisting the County Government develop policies that are sensitive to biodiversity issues.
  • Participation of the County Government in the Preparation of the Tana Delta Land Use Plan (TDLUP) and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA)
    The Department of Physical Planning was able to participate in the preparation of the Tana Delta Land Use Plan (TDLUP) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). These two documents have since been adopted by the County Executive as official policy documents and are awaiting submition to the County Assembly for approval.
  • Preparation of the County Transport Bill
    The County Transport Bill is undergoing final discussions before it is submitted to the County Assembly for approval.
  • Planning, Survey & Issuance of titles in Lamu East and Lamu Wast Sub-counties
    In efforts to ensures community land rights of the indigenous communities are recognized, Planning, Survey & Regularization of Swahili Villages and issuance of titles has been done in Lamu East and West Sub Counties
  • High Mast Urban Lights
    The Department successfully lobbied for the Lamu Town to be included in the Slum Upgrading Programs and influenced the installation of High Mast Flood Lights in Lamu by the Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development. The County was a beneficiary of 18 High Mast Urban Lights and 1.9 kilometers of cabro street paving.


Achievements - Infrastructure;

  • Construction of Elain drainage at Boznia in Lamu
  • Routine maintenance work at Majembeni-Sinambio Road in mpeketoni
  • Construction of Witu town drainage and cabro
  • Construction of Kipungani sea wall
  • Construction and repair of Myabogi footbridge
  • Laying of paving blocks {cabro} at Lamu West and East

Achievements - Planning & Urban Development

  • Planning, Survey & Regularisation of:

Mokowe Town
Faza Village
Tchundwa Village
Hindi Phase II (Swahili Scheme)
Ras Kitau Farms
Bargoni Village
Sinambio Trading Centre
Kiongwe Village
Kiunga Village
Pate Village
Kipungani village
Ishakani Settlement Village
Rubu & Mwambore Village
Squatters in Amu Ranch