PSMA, Devolution and ICT



1. Public Service Management/Administration

1.1 Vision

A leading county in human resource development and management for a better coordination of the county public service which inter-alia include Disaster mitigation, peace building, conflict, resolution, monitoring and evaluation of projects and public participation.

1.2 Mission

To provide overall leadership, direction in the management and administration of the county affairs to enhance, service delivery in-order to achieve public equity, parity and equality.

1.3 Mandate

The County will institute and entrench best human resource practices and adopt innovative approaches to resource mobilization with a view to offering good quality public service to the residents of Lamu County.

1.4 Our Core Objectives

Our core objectives as drawn from both legal and government administrative instruments include the following;

1. To effectively and efficiently manage the overall management, development and administration of county Human Resource Management

2. To promote effective management of County Supply Chain Systems

3. To establish and maintain a legal framework for county administration

4. To effectively coordinate County Administration units and Inter-governmental relations

5. To ensure proper management and coordination of County Transport

6. To strengthen coordination of County Disaster Management

7. To coordinate County Government enforcement role

8. To coordinate and operationalize Governor’s office

1.5 Key Functions of the Department

i. To provide effective and efficient services

ii. Ensure optimum staffing level and utilization of human resource

iii. Promote and safeguard the values and principles of public service management and that of Article 10 of the constitution.

iv. Ensure efficient, quality and productive services of the devolved units

v. Develop and maintain the infrastructure and facilities of county public service facilities

vi. Develop prudent measures of transport management

vii. Establish a proactive measure of Disaster preparedness

viii. Ensure a clear and prudent system of supply chain management

ix. Develop and maintain a professional and disciplined enforcement operations

x. Promote accountability, transparency and integrity in finance management system

xi. Efficient utilization of meager resources to achieve higher output

xii. Promote good leadership through training and advocacy

xiii. Establish a well-coordinated and transparent public participation forums

xiv. Promote good relationship with neighbor counties through cross border forums

xv. Foster economic, social, technological, environmental and cultural development through good governance and rule of law.

1.6 Role of PSM and Administration in Lamu County

The Department of Public Service Management and Administration is tasked with a responsibility of coordinating the County activities as far as service delivery is concerned in compliance with the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP). The department also provides consultancy support services to other departments in the determination of optimal establishment levels; organizational design and development; and career development and progression. Due to the facilitative nature of the work of public service management and administration, the function is cascaded to the Sub-county and Ward level on agency basis through the Human Resource Management Division. These are known as the devolved units and general administration.

The County Department of Public Service Management will be a repository of common cadre service staff including human resource management and development, records management, secretarial, telephone, clerical, drivers and support services and is responsible for their deployment as appropriate. Moreover, the department deals with supply chain management, transport management, enforcement operation, registry, legal framework and public service delivery at the grass root level. The PSM/A Department monitors the implementation of the Strategic and annual work plans through regular assessment and providing quarterly progress reports to H.E The Governor.


• Construction of Lamu County Government Headquarters
• Construction of ward offices and fencing
• Kiunga ward administration office
• Faza ward administration office
• Basuba ward administration
• Bahari ward administration office
• Hindi ward administration office
• Mkunumbi ward administration
• Hongwe ward administration office
• Witu ward administration office
• Lamu county command centre
• Radio communication project
• Establishments of the county garage
• Establishment of county depot
• Parking shade for county vehicles
• Firefighting engine


Chief Officer,PSM/A
P. O BOX 74-80500,

2. Devolution, ICT and e-Governance


An informed society through technology.


To support initiatives, that build a more responsive and collaborative government, through ICT.


  • Facilitate the development of ICT infrastructure that supports and enables the provision of applications and services to meet the needs of the county and its people;
  • Use Information Technology to enhance efficiency and accountability in public service delivery
  • Facilitate the establishment of structures for citizen participation
  • establish mechanisms to facilitate public communication and access to information


The county’s ICT infrastructure is under developed. Mobile phone network and connectivity has covered 60% of the county with 51% of the residents owning/using mobile phones. Internet penetration is at dismal 15% of the entire county. The percentage of the population using internet service is 2.9 % (CCK report). There are only six registered cyber cafes in the County, five are in Lamu and one in Mpeketoni. Television signals can only be received with the support of satellite linkages while Radio broadcasts penetration signals are also extremely poor. It is only a few radio stations that are accessible. Lamu County has no access to Fiber Optic the Digital divide is evident.

Areas of focus The County will use ICTs to improve services in ; Public Communication, Information Services, Public Participation, Education, Health, Agriculture, Tourism and E-Government.

Achievements: ICT

• Wide Area Network set-up – connecting all county offices in Lamu and Mokowe offices
• Set-up of County Information Resource centre at the wards-LAMU, Witu, Mkunumbi & Kiunga
• County documentary/Magazine – Darubini ya Lamu
• County Communication Vehicle for citizen mobilization
• Notice boards in all County ward offices
• Free – wifi at Mkunguni, King Fahad Hospital, Mpeketoni ICT center and Faza ICT center
• Public participation forums across the county wards
• County Projects delivery reporting application




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