Over 150 students from wards along the Boni Forest stretch, including Witu, Hongwe, Mkunumbi, Hindi, Kiunga, and Basuba, will receive specialized training on Counter Violence Extremism through Civilian and Millitary engagement/Partnership .

This is an initiative by The Center for Citizens in Conflict in collaboration with the Lamu County Government ; under a larger program to foster trust and confidence between civilians and military personnel in order to prevent, minimize, and remedy civilian harm in operation zones.

The Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) Millitary Advisor, Julius Minyori, said during a meeting held at the County offices in Mokowe that they will also be focusing on research to identify gaps in civilian/community safety along the Boni Forest stretch.

“Our objective is to engage with armed actors and civilians in conflict to create and implement ways to prevent, minimize, and respond to civilian suffering,”Julius Minyori explained,

John Okanga, CIVIC Community Engagement Manager, emphasized the necessity of military capacity building in civilian protection, as well as its role in fostering collaboration and information sharing.

“Civilians in the Boni Forest experience conflict in different ways depending on their gender, disability, age, and other factors. In order to dramatically minimize harm and improve protection outcomes, direct engagement between the Millitary and civilians is required “Mr. Okanga stated.

For years, terrorists have exploited the 517-square-mile Boni forest, which runs from Lamu and Garissa counties all the way to the Somalia border, as a hideout. Despite intensive security measures, the forest continues to be a headache for security specialists, disrupting and risking the lives of the residents living near the forest.

Similarly, there are plans to engage other players to take the Lamu County Enforcement officers through Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT). An immersive security training designed to enhance their security and safety awareness and enable them to prevent and deal more effectively with risks, challenging situations and security incidents.

Phoebe Cherono, CIVIC Community Engagement Officer, was also present.

The Lamu County team was led by Director PSM Nahid Mousa, Director Disaster Management, Shee Kupi, Director Communication, Grace Mburu, Head of Enforcement among others .


For more information contact:

Lamu County Government Communications Office at info@lamu.go.ke