4,734 fisher folk who lost their fishing grounds following the construction of the Port of Lamu are to receive approximately KSh. 1.7 Billion as their compensation once all fishermen append their signatures in agreement of the compensation.

Speaking when hosting a stakeholders meeting at the Lamu County Headquarters, Governor Issa Timamy EGH, OGW noted that out of 4,167 who have been, verified and cleared by EACC only 3,935 fishermen had signed their compensation agreement with the remaining 232 yet to append their signatures and they haven’t showed up yet.

The Governor tasked the Department of Fisheries to physically contact the remaining individual fisher folk to append their signature to the agreement.

The Governor further noted that the fishermen will receive 65% in cash from the Government as the first phase of the compensation with the remaining 35% of the total amount set aside for sustainability of fisheries activities will be used to buy modern fishing equipment to enable them access deep sea fishing to maximise the exploitation without interfering with the stocks and help them transition from semi-scale to semi-commercial and gradually to commercial basis.

The Governor once again directed the taskforce to fast track the exercise so that the fishermen get their compensation soonest.

In attendance was Deputy Governor HE Raphael Munyua, CECM Fisheries Hon. Faiz Fankupi, Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulnasir Issa, LAPSSET Regional Manager Salim Bunu,Principle operation officer Lamu port Mr Abdishukri Osman, lawyers from all agencies, representatives from the National Government, EACC, AG office, and National Government Representatives led by Acting County Commissioner Mr. Charles Kitheka among others.


For more information contact:

Lamu County Government Communications Office at communication@lamu.go.ke