Governor Fahim Twaha’s administration through the County Bursary and Scholarships Board has begun disbursing funds from its secondary school bursary and scholarship program for the current fiscal year.

The activity began on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at the Witu Mjini Secondary School in Witu ward, where over 723 students were presented with a cheque worth KSH 4,315,550.

Ms Maliha Mohamed, CEO of the Lamu Bursary Board, is directing the effort, which aims to cover all secondary schools across the county. This is one of Governor Fahim Twaha’s key priorities, which aims to empower the Lamu community by providing equal access to education to all.

The Bursary and Scholarship Board covered about 2,800 students in eleven secondary schools in Witu, Hongwe, Mkunumbi, and Bahari Wards on the first day of the exercise, including:

– 228 students in Bomani secondary school, amount KSH 1,364,750

– 701 students in Hongwe secondary school amount KSH 4,014,225

– 34 Students at Kibaoni royal secondary school, amount KSH 328,000

– 231 students in Majembeni secondary school, amount KSH 1,368,560

– 71 Students in Coast arid secondary school, amount KSH 423,550

-279 students in Witu secondary school amount KSH 2,603,570

– 40 students in Moa secondary school, amount KSH 233,900

– 98 Students at Mpeketoni girls secondary school, amount KSH 588,000

– 723 students at Witu mjini secondary school, amount KSH 4,315,550

– 194 Students at Lake kenyatta secondary school, amount KSH 1,137,480

– 104 students at Bakanja secondary school, amount KSH 1,020,030

Over 2,100 students from around the county with a KCPE score of 300 or higher are receiving a full scholarship from the county; this is four times the number of students who qualified when the initiative began in 2018/19.

Another 8,500 secondary pupils in boarding schools and day schools who did not attain a score of 300 or higher will receive Sh10,000 in boarding schools and Sh6,000 in day schools.

Over 2,200 students in colleges and universities, as well as another 4,000 in local TVETS, will be covered in higher education.

Governor Fahim Twaha has established the largest education fund since devolution began, with Ksh. 250 million in scholarships and bursaries distributed across the county last financial year, up from Ksh. 40 million in 2017. Lamu’s Education Scholarship & Bursaries Fund has so far assisted over 7,000 worthy students in completing high school, colleges, and universities.

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