The Lamu County Government, through the Department of Agriculture, has purchased 10(ten) new fully loaded tractors to aid enhance food production efficiency and ensure Lamu’s food security. The first three of the 10 tractors arrived in Lamu today, with three more arriving on Wednesday, and the final four arriving on Friday, April 8th, 2022.

The 10 new tractors will join the existing 14 serviceable tractors in Lamu’s tractor fleet, bringing the total number of tractors available to 24. As a result, tractor services will be more efficient and accessible to all farmers.

Governor Fahim Twaha revealed at the County Headquarters in Mokowe that tractor ploughing rates will continue to be subsidized at only Ksh. 1000 per acre, compared to the market rate of between 2,000 and 2,500 per acre.

“Food production in Lamu County has been a task anchored by physical labour. While wealthy farmers can get tractor services from private owners, there is need to help the poor achieve food security. Availability of affordable tractor services will attract even more youths to farming. The new fleet will strengthen our tractor services helping our famers to save over Sh.20M cumulatively through our subsidized prices. This will accrue from ploughing over 20,000 acres of land at just half the market rate, of only Ksh 1,000 per acre” Said Governor Fahim Twaha

He went on to say that the move to cushion vulnerable farmers, which was passed by the Lamu County Assembly under the Financial Bill 2019, will boost Lamu’s economy by giving farmers more funds to plough back into other productive activities.

Hon Fahima Araphat, OGW, CECM Agriculture, indicated that the department aims to open up over 20,000 acres of land for cultivation this season as part of the subsidized mechanization project, putting money in farmers’ pockets and ensuring a food secure Lamu.

“The 14 old tractors have undergone a variety of maintenance procedures in preparation for providing tractor plowing services to farms throughout the county. This season, we will be able to open up to 20,000 acres for farming in all wards thanks to this new fleet. The rains have delayed, but with the onset of the rains, the work should start soon.” Hon. Fahima said

According to Hon. Fahima, the County Government has already acquired certified hybrid seeds to be supplied free of charge to vulnerable farmers across the county for planting during the longs rains.

The County administration has also provided 5 government-owned trailers and a 10-tonne boat to reduce post-harvest losses. Farmers in Vumbe, Sadan, Kiangwe, Mwathe, and other farming blocks in Lamu East who travel great distances to access food markets will benefit from this service, which will provide free farm-to-market transportation.

The ongoing mechanization of farming activities is a core agenda of Governor Fahim Twaha’s manifesto. Further, the government continues to execute crop husbandry, pest and disease control, and also agro-based industries projects.


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The Lamu County Government has started issuing Special Interest Group Grants, with 96 women’s and youth’s groups, as well as over 100 people with disabilities (PWDs) from Shella and Mkomani wards, collecting cheques this Friday 1st April 2022, at Mkunguni Square in Lamu Island.

Governor Fahim Twaha officially launched the Ksh18 million enterprise grant, which is expected to benefit at least 450 micro and small businesses in the county operated by youth, women, and people with disabilities (PWDs).

The project, according to Governor Fahim Twaha, is a critical social transformation pillar that would boost economic opportunities and engagement for Lamu women, youths, and people with disabilities. He explained that the program aims to provide employment opportunities for these special interest groups by encouraging them to start their own businesses and become job creators.

“This is simply the begining; Our sustainable development agenda aims to leave no one behind, including women, youth, and those with disabilities. The goal is to attain a sustainable, inclusive, sustained, and equitable economic growth, supported by employment and decent work for everyone, social integration, increased productivity, and a pleasant environment for all Lamu residents.” Governor Twaha stated

He added that ” The County Government will be monitoring the beneficiary groups that have received the funding to see how they are doing, prioritizing groups with a good business track record to identify which ones require further support to grow.”

The Enterprise Fund, according to Hon. Paul Thairu, HSC, CECM for Education, Vocational Training, Youth, Gender, Sports, Culture & Social Services, is a revolving fund with no interest, which means small firms will not be bound to repayment tenures. It was established through the County Assembly act of 2018.

“Governor Fahim’s administration intends not only to foster a thriving entrepreneurial culture by funding needy enterprises within the county, but also to close the county’s negative socio-economic gap based on pro-poor and gender-sensitive development” Said Hon.Thairu

Prof. Joseph Nganga, the chief officer for Youth, Sports, Gender, and Social Services, underscored the county government’s commitment to advocacy in the areas of gender, youth affairs, and social services in order to socio-economically empower the county’s youth, women and People With Disabilities (PWDs).

Mkomani Ward MCA, Yahya Ahmed Shee lauded the move appealing to the beneficiary groups to make good use of the funds for posterity .

The first phase of this initiative targets over 450 special interest groups across the county, directly impacting on the lives of more than 4,500 families .

The issuance of grant cheques will be extended to the remaining seven wards.


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