Lamu Governor H.E. Issa Timamy E.G.H has earlier today issued grants to local communities in Faza ward in partnership with Kenya Marine Fisheries and Socio-Economic Development project (KEMSFED amounting to 25 million Kenyan Shillings.

The Grants were issued to 14 local Communities groups from Faza ward to enhance managed Fisheries and Livelihoods.

The 14 groups were drawn from Shanga Ishakani, Kizingitini, Bahamisi, Mtangawanda, Siu, Faza and Pate.

While addressing the group members at Pate Social Hall, H.E Governor Timamy urged the Groups to effectively utilize the funds to enhance their social economic activity in the county.

The grants were awarded to common interest groups which includes womens’ and youth self help group and community based organizations.

The benefited groups are:-

1. Girl Child protection group.

2 . Gill fisher self help group.

3. Kizingitini women Fisher

4. Pate Marine Community Conservation.

5. Mtangawanda kwajuu self help group.

6. Almuhsin women group.

7. Fasbir self help group.

8. Faza youth action group.

9. Pate kisiwani women group.

10. Kishada self help group.

11. Khairunisaa women organization.

12. Shanga Ishakani women Fishers group.

13. Bahamisi women group.

14. Khairiya self help group.

The governor also visited the ECO tourism project which is managed by Pate Resource and tourism initiative groups which offer hospitality and rearing crabs and commended them for their initiative to transform livelihoods in Lamu.

In attendance was KEMSFED project coordinator Mohamed Athman among others.


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