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Seafood lovers from Lamu had an opportunity to be treated to a seafood exhibition with a plate going for as low as Ksh. 50 at a seafood festival that was aimed towards promoting sustainability of the tourism sector by introducing local seafoods and creating an impression which makes tourists want to return to Lamu.

The festival which had an array of other sporting activities, attracted 50 women groups from Lamu who had to plate up their best seafoods throughout the 2 days long festival that ended on Sunday. The weekend presented an opportunity for everyones’ taste buds to sample different types of seafoods such as octopus, lobsters, crabs among other high end valued sea foods.

Speaking during the event that was organized by the Department of Tourism, Trade, Culture and Investment, H.E. Deputy Governor Raphael Munyua underscored the importance of the event noting that apart from other culinary tourism activities, the festival provided an opportunity to unite and strengthen community bonds and help maintain a common identity among communities.

Trade C.E.C Member Hon. Aisha Miraj noted that the main reason of sponsoring the event was to promote tourism by attracting more tourists as well as promote the Lamu culture of swahili seafood. All these was to make certain that the youth were also presented with an opportunity to showcase their talents with the CECM hinting that the Tourism Department was working on a plan to hold such an epic event monthly.

County Government of Lamu under the stewardship of H.E. Issa Timamy has embarked on a series of activities that are aimed at reviving the dwindling tourism sector by introducing Lamu festivals calendar that aims at imprinting Lamu as an Island of festivals.

In attendance was CECM Finance, Hon. Mohamed Mbwana, Chief Officer for Tourism Ms. Joyce Murimi, Chief Officer for PSMA Ms.Khadija Fumo, Chief Officer for Education Ms. Hafswa Difini, Lamu Public Service Board Chairman Mr. Abdalla Fadhili, Lamu Municipality Manager Mr. Abduswamad among others.


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Chief Justice Hon. Martha Koome has said the Judiciary will immediately commence the construction of a High Court and a Magistrates’ court in Hindi ward, which will be a relief to the locals who have continued to rely on the High Court sittings in Tana River and Kilifi counties.

Speaking while receiving two title deeds from the County Government of Lamu, the C.J said the Judiciary will set up a High court in Mokowe and a Magistrate’s court in Hindi. She further thanked Governor Issa Timamy E.G.H, O.G.W for his kind gesture towards allocating them land hinting that it would have been difficult for the Judiciary to buy land in good time with the little resource allocation they have.

“I would want to thank Governor Timamy for his commitment to ensure Judiciary services are brought closer to the people. His actions will greatly help us fulfill our obligation to give access to justice by ensuring that no Kenyan travels for more than 100km to a court station” said C.J Koome.

The new court building will include an Environment and Land Court to address the increasing number of land disputes in Lamu County. Upon completion of the court building, the Judiciary will post resident Judges for both the High Court and Environment and Land Court, further enhancing access to justice for the people of Lamu County.

The court building will also feature specialized Children’s courts and Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) courts, ensuring that these cases are handled with the care and sensitivity they deserve.

Lamu Governor and ANC Party leader, thanked the Judiciary for their willingness to set up two courts in Hindi ward citing that the courts would greatly help towards ensuring locals don’t travel to other counties to seek judicial services. The Governor who is also a High Court Advocate, recognized the crucial role played by the judiciary in upholding justice, safeguarding the rights of our people and ensuring the law is administered impartially.

“This gesture reflects our unwavering commitment to supporting the independence of the Judiciary and promoting the rule of law in Lamu” said Governor Timamy adding that it’s through collective efforts that we can strengthen the Judiciary and promote values of democracy, transparency and accountability in our society.

The CJ who was accompanied by the Judges and Judicial officers, was later taken to the proposed sites in Mokowe and Hindi before being taken to the Lamu Port for a familiarization tour and was received by Eng. Dan Amadi, Project Manager and Mr. Salim Bunu, Regional Manager.

In attendance was H.E. Deputy Governor, Raphael Munyua, Lamu County Commissioner, CEC Members, County Secretary Amb. Ali Abbas, Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulnasir Issa, Chief Officers, Members of County Assembly among others.


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Lamu County Government Communications Office at


23 Community Self Help groups from Bahari and Mkunumbi ward have earlier today, received fiber boats, 15 HP outboard engine, fishing nets and farm input under the County Government of Lamu in partnership with World Bank-funded Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Program (KCSAP).

The project is aiming at increasing agricultural productivity and building resilience to climate change risks in the targeted smallholder farmers and pastoralists community.

Addressing the beneficiaries at different centers, CECM Agriculture Hon. James Gichu, urged the group members to join cooperative Saccos in order to have bargaining power for their produce and be eligible to receive large donor funds.

He further cautioned farmers not to sell the seedlings for short term gains.

The beneficiary groups are;-

Bahari Ward

1. Hatchery Self Help Group

2.Mpeketoni Mums Women group

3. Kilimani Vision Women Self Help Group

4. Buyanzi Self Help Group

5. Bahati Women Self Help Group.

6. Baraka Self Help Group

7. Good Start Self Help Group

8. Upendo Majirani Women Group

9. Lakeside Women Group

10.Kiongwe Jirani Mwema Self Help Group

11. Kiongwe Kangei Women Group

12. Lakeside Elders Self Help Group

13. Wajane Ziwani Self Help Group.

14. Anyuola Welfare Self Help Group

15. Onido Neema Self Help Group

16. Tunza Mazingira Self Help Group

17. Bakanja Vision Youth Group.

Mkunumbi Ward

1. Ngarite Disabled Self Help Group

2. Uziwa indigenous Poultry Self Help Group

3. Maarifa Self Help Group

4. Wajane Ngarite Women Group

5. Ndambwe BMU Self Help Group

6. Mkunumbi Youth Fishermen

In attendance were Lamu KCSAP members , CDDC Members among other county staff.


For more information contact:

Lamu County Government Communications Office at


Lamu Governor H.E. Issa Timamy E.G.H, O.G.W has today awarded 30 students with scholarships worth Ksh. 2.256 Million, under the Kenya Marine Fisheries and Socio-economic Development (KEMFSED) program.

The scholarships were awarded following a rigorous countywide exercise to identify deserving students and will go along way towards benefiting 10 secondary school students, 18 college students and two students from Technical Training Institutes.

Speaking while awarding the scholarships at Mokowe headquarters, Lamu Governor

lauded the KEMFSED project for their input towards investing in education for a better future, and further urged the beneficiaries to maintain discipline and hard work while in school.

“You are our ambassadors, hence we expect you to maintain discipline and hard work and we also expect stellar performance from you. I call upon parents and guardians to support their children to perform in their academics since that’s the only guarantee to maintain the scholarships” stated Governor Timamy.

The Governor further noted the KEMFSED scholarships would compliment the Department of Education scholarships that also benefits bright, needy and marginalized students from Lamu County.

The learners awarded with scholarships were selected from vulnerable and marginalised grounds with those in colleges getting sponsorships to pursue marine related courses among other courses that are not offered in Lamu.

In attendance was Chief Officer for

Fisheries and Blue Economy Mr. Kamalu Shariff, KEMFSED Coordinator Mr. Mohamed Athman, Lamu County Project Implementation Unit among others.


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Lamu County Government Communications Office at


County Government of Lamu will continue working with stake holders towards improved mangrove forest conservation and restoration as a natural climate solution.

Speaking during a consultative meeting that was held at the County Headquaters, Lamu Governor H.E. Issa Timamy E.G.H, O.G.W emphasized on the need to foster innovative partnerships that would lead to sustainable solutions towards protecting the degraded carbon-rich ecosystems.

The Council of Governors’ Blue Economy Committee Chair, further noted that mainstreaming the blue carbon conservation and associated habitats into coastal development programs, would greatly assist towards achieving climate benefits and improve livelihoods across the coastal counties.

“Mangroves are powerful carbon sinks with an ability to suck up carbon dioxide from the air to their roots and branches five to ten times more carbon than forests. As stakeholders, there is urgent need to protect these precious vegetation from human-induced threats that are a threat to the marine ecosystem” Governor Timamy said.

With Lamu accounting for more than half of Kenya’s mangrove forests, the stake holders agreed to embark on restoration at the degraded areas as well as implement a sustainable plan on mangrove harvesting without affecting the critical role they play in biodiversity and shoreline protection.

The meeting was attended by representatives from United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), Kenya Forest Service (KFS), Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI), The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and National Environment Management Authority of Kenya (NEMA)


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Lamu County Government Communications Office at

ATC Mpeketoni, yafufuliwa Upya

Mstahiki gavana Issa Timamy mapema leo amefungua rasmi siku tatu za Maonyesho na mafunzo ya Kilimo cha kisasa katika eneo la ATC Mpeketoni.

Akiandamana na Naibu wake Raphael Munywa Gavana Timamy, alitembelea vibanda vya mashirika na kampuni zinazouza mbegu na mbolea.

Kauli mbiyu ya Maonyesho haya ni:-

“kutumia teknolojia ya kilimo endelevu kwa usalama wa chakula na kuongeza kipato”

Kwenye Maonyesho hayo wakulima watapata fursa ya kujifunza mbinu mbali mbali za Kilimo pamoja na njia bora za kutumia dawa za kuzuwia wadudu kwa mimea.

Akihutubia wakulima na wananchi waliohudhuria Maonyesho hayo gavana Timamy, amewaomba wakulima kutosheka na mbegu walizopata huku akiahidi kuongeza fedha katika mgao wa bajeti ya mwaka ujao wa kifedha ili kuagiza mbegu za kutosha.

“Serikali yangu imekuta bajeti finyu nami nimeongeza ndio hii mbegu imepatikana kwa hivyo nawasihi tusiingize siasa swala hili” Timamy alisema.

Aidha, amesema watawalekeza wakulima kununua mbegu na dawa ambazo zitajaribiwa na kufaulu hapo ATC.

Kufunguliwa tena kwa ATC kwa wakulima kumerejesha matumaini kwa wakaazi wa kaunti ya Lamu dhidi ya Kilimo.

Wakati huo huo Gavana ametangaza kuwa mwezi wa nane serekali yake itaandaa Maonyesho ya Kilimo Mpeketoni ambayo huenda yakafunguliwa rasmi na Waziri wa Kilimo nchini.

Waliohudhuria hafla hiyo ni pamoja na:- Mkuu wa wafanyikazi Abdulnasir M Issa,Waziri wa Kilimo James Gichu, Waziri wa Elimu Sabastian Owanga, Waziri wa Fedha Mohamed Bwana , Mwakilishi wa wadi ya Bahari Francis Gakonga miongoni mwa wengine.

Lamu Governor H.E. Issa Timamy E.G.H has earlier today issued grants to local communities in Faza ward in partnership with Kenya Marine Fisheries and Socio-Economic Development project (KEMSFED amounting to 25 million Kenyan Shillings.

The Grants were issued to 14 local Communities groups from Faza ward to enhance managed Fisheries and Livelihoods.

The 14 groups were drawn from Shanga Ishakani, Kizingitini, Bahamisi, Mtangawanda, Siu, Faza and Pate.

While addressing the group members at Pate Social Hall, H.E Governor Timamy urged the Groups to effectively utilize the funds to enhance their social economic activity in the county.

The grants were awarded to common interest groups which includes womens’ and youth self help group and community based organizations.

The benefited groups are:-

1. Girl Child protection group.

2 . Gill fisher self help group.

3. Kizingitini women Fisher

4. Pate Marine Community Conservation.

5. Mtangawanda kwajuu self help group.

6. Almuhsin women group.

7. Fasbir self help group.

8. Faza youth action group.

9. Pate kisiwani women group.

10. Kishada self help group.

11. Khairunisaa women organization.

12. Shanga Ishakani women Fishers group.

13. Bahamisi women group.

14. Khairiya self help group.

The governor also visited the ECO tourism project which is managed by Pate Resource and tourism initiative groups which offer hospitality and rearing crabs and commended them for their initiative to transform livelihoods in Lamu.

In attendance was KEMSFED project coordinator Mohamed Athman among others.


For more information contact:

Lamu County Government Communications Office at

Lamu County And National Gov’t To Undertake Water Projects To Increase Water Provision to Lamu residents

Lamu Deputy Governor H.E. Raphael Munyua has today held a consultative meeting with Lamu leaders and the Water and Sanitation Principal Secretary Hon. Paul Rono in his Nairobi office.

The meeting delved on how the national government can work with Lamu County towards setting up sustainable water projects that would ensure easy access and guarantee sufficient water supply to all Lamu residents.

The P.S committed to work with the County Government towards rolling out short term and long term water infrastructure projects that will adequately serve both their domestic and livestock needs. He further noted the success of these projects is pegged on a cordial working relationship between the County Government of Lamu and the National Government.

Among key infrastructure projects that were agreed upon included;

1. Rehabilitation of djabias in Lamu East constituency.

2. Solarization of existing desalination plants.

3. Construction of 6 water pans (Three in Lamu East and the others in Lamu West)

4. Solarization and rehabilitation of bore holes at Shela, Lake Kenyatta and Witu.

5. Completion of ongoing works at Vumbe.

Towards finding a long term plan for the water shortages in Lamu County, the leaders agreed on;

1) Construction of Mangai dam.

2)Construction of water canal from Tana river.

3). Installation of heavy duty desalination plants for Faza ward.

The meeting was convened by P.S State Department for Investment Hon. Abubakar Hassan. In attendance also was C.A.S Office of the Cabinet Prime Secretary Hon. Sharif Athman Ali, Lamu Senator Hon. Joseph Githuku and Lamu East MP. Hon. Ruweida Obo.


For more information contact:

Lamu County Government Communications Office Email:

5,857 Households In Lamu To Get Relief Food

Over 5,800 households across the county will get assorted food stuff, donated by the national government through the National Steering Committee on Drought and in partnership with County Government of Lamu.

The announcement was officially made this afternoon by Lamu County Governor, H.E. Issa Timamy E.G.H, O.G.W while flagging off relief food to the most hunger stricken and vulnerable families in Hindi Ward.

“The exercise, will target to cushion families that are currently facing starvation from the biting effects of drought that has left thousands of households reel under the pangs of hunger. Each household will receive 6 kgs of maize flour, rice 8 kgs, cooking oil 1 litre, uji mix 6kgs, green grams 3kgs and 1 Kg of salt” Stated Governor Timamy.

The Governor further encouraged the community to take up free certified county seeds and underscored the importance of embracing agriculture towards mitigating the effects of drought. He further noted that climate change is real and has impacted negatively on the globe saying everybody must play a part in conserving the environment in our county.

Lamu County Commissioner Mr. Louis Rono, thanked the government for the food donation and emphasized on the need to send more food to the areas that have been adversely affected by drought.

Present was Hindi A.C.C Mr. Linus Bii, Lamu Central O.C.P.D Mr. Geoffrey Osanen, Lamu County Secretary Amb. Ali Abbas, Lamu County Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulnasir Issa, Disaster Management and Mobilization Chief Officer Mr. Kassim Mohamed among other officers.


For more information contact:

Lamu County Government Communications Office at


Lamu Governor H.E Issa Timamy E.G.H, O.G.W has today presided over Mpeketoni Boys’ High School Prize giving day. The ceremony seeks to recognize and reward outstanding students in the year 2022.

Awards were given to 60 students who recorded a mean grade of B- and above in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2022.

Teachers of the leading subjects in KCSE 2022 were also recognized and awarded.

Mpeketoni Boys’ High School was ranked the second in the county (2022 KCSE), registering a mean-score of 6.47, which was an improvement from 2020 5.74 mean score.

Outstanding teachers and students received a wide range of gifts including, cash prizes, suit case, trophies among other goodies.

Governor Timamy reiterated Lamu County Government’s commitment to ensure access to education for all, saying that the County Government of Lamu will continue giving scholarships and bursaries to all top performers and deserving students across the county.

“My administration has pledged to pay Kenya shillings forty thousands Ksh 40,000/= in form of scholarship per learner identified through the rigorous but consultative process. Presently, my Government has already disbursed scholarships to all form two, three and four continuing students and we will from next week be rolling out the disbursement of form one scholarships” added the County Boss.

The A.N.C party leader further denoted that the scholarship program had proven to be a great catalyst towards helping to improve the general performance of the whole County.

“I appreciate the school leadership, teachers, parents, learners and all the stakeholders for enabling the school to post a mean score of 6.47 in 2022 KCSE; which is historic in Lamu County. This cumulates to increased university transition and consequently skilled manpower in the county” stated Governor Timamy.

Deputy Governor H.E. Raphael Munyua who’s an alumnus of Mpeketoni High School congratulated the school following their outstanding performance in the 2022 KCSE exams and commended the teachers for their hard work and dedication. He further committed to support Governor Timamy’s education pillar that is geared towards bringing equality and the desired change in society.

Education CECM Hon. Sebastian Owanga encouraged students to keep leveling up and committed that his department will ensure timely disbursement of bursaries and scholarships and guaranteed education access to every needy child regardless of their social economic background.

In attendance was County Secretary Amb. Ali Abbas, Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulnasir M. Issa, BoM, Parents Association representatives, School Principal Mr. Mathews Kalume, parents/guardians among others.


For more information contact:

Lamu County Government Communications Office at

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