Department of Fisheries, Blue Economy, Livestock and Cooperatives Development

Mr. Kamalu shariff

Chief Officer


Blue Economy is an emerging concept which encourages better stewardship of our ocean or ‘blue’ resources. The blue economy model aims for improvement of human wellbeing and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

The Department of Fisheries and Blue Economy seeks to strengthen stakeholders’ capacities and develop and implement integrated management policies, strategies and tools, focusing especially on stakeholders’ empowerment, offering a comprehensive view of the Blue Economy explored through a cross-sectoral approach.

Department Goals

  • Identify strengths and limitations of sustainable development in Lamu county and promote development initiatives under an integrated approach including different sectors such as fisheries, aquaculture and coastal and maritime development tourism.
  • Develop knowledge of the main innovations and management models for improving the seafood value chain, managing the environmental threats and increasing the competitiveness of the fisheries, aquaculture and coastal and maritime tourism sectors.

KEMSFED (Kenya Marine Fisheries and Social Economic Development).

This project aims to provide a holistic response to a set of dynamic issues that poor and vulnerable coastal fishing communities face.

The project target groups of beneficiaries are the fishers and poor and extremely poor fisheries-dependent households in 5 coastal counties. Social inclusion as a principle of project implementation will incorporate the vulnerable and marginalized groups, the classification and categories of which will be determined by the project team.

This will include elderly poor, differently abled persons, child-headed households, HIV infected persons, individuals recovering from drug abuse, youth, women, widows, widowers, minority communities among others.


  1. Final preparations of compensation of fishermen under LAPSSET project.
  2. Giving of fishing gears to fishermen across the county.
  3. Conducting BMU (Beach Management Units) elections.
  4. Restocking of fish in dams and Lake Kenyatta in Lamu County.


The projects is funded by the European Union in partnership with Lamu County Government.

This is a 3-year project (starting 2021) whose main objective is to enhance the contribution of Small-scale fisheries to sustainable Blue Growth, food and nutritional security and livelihoods in Coastal Kenya.