The County Government through the department of Fisheries and Blue Economy has moved in to extend and boost the capacity of the Kizingitini ice plant as part of the County’s blue print to spur the fisheries sector. The initiative is part of County’s post-COVID recovery efforts, to cushion over 3,500 fishermen in Lamu East Sub-County.

Speaking earlier today during an inspection tour of the Kizingitini ice plant, Chief Officer Fisheries and Blue Economy, Mr. Abdul Fatah explained that the County Government is giving a complete overhaul to the ice plant to optimize efficiency.

“This factory was only capable of producing 2 metric tonnes of flake ice per day; however, we intend to scale this up to over 8 metric tonnes per 24 hours. This would assist reduce post-harvest losses and empower fishermen to determine pricing by allowing them to keep their catch fresh for longer. This is one of Governor Fahim Twaha’s post-COVID recovery efforts in the Blue Economy sector.” Mr. Abdul Fatah stated

The expansion of the structure/building housing the ice plant is over 70% complete, and includes: -Construction of an extra storey to help elevate the flake machines for standard operation

-Construction of additional Offices -Construction of Toilets

-Two doorways

-And an additional cold room

“Because Kizingitini village is a convenient location, fishermen from nearby villages will be able to access ice without having to travel to Lamu Island or Mombasa. This reduces the distance traveled and extends the shelf life of the ice “Mr. Fatah said

The Lamu County Government, through its Fisheries Department, is also making follow up with the State Department of Fisheries to test and operationalize another 8-tonne ice flake machine in the nearby Faza Village Ice Plant. This will complement the plant’s existing 2-tonne flake ice machine.

The cold chain effort would assist over 20 fisher villages in Lamu East, including Ishakani, Kiunga, Mwambore, Rubu, Mkokoni, Chandani, Kiwayu, Ndau, Faza, Kizingitini, Mbwajumwali, Chundwa, Siyu, Pate, Mtangawanda, Myabogi, Faza, Shanga Rubu, Shanga Ishakani, Mvundeni among others .

The county administration will also soon resume distribution of fishing gear and equipment across the county.

“We have purchased a variety of fishing equipment and gears that we will shortly provide to our fishermen in order to improve fish production. Fishing lines, Gill nets, Flippers, Eco-Sounders/Fish finders, GPS, Deep freezers, and cooler boxes will be given to them. We delivered gears to over 10 BMUs last fiscal year, and we hope to cover the remaining this fiscal year,” the Chief Officer explained.

The administration of Governor Fahim Twaha is taking intentional initiatives to make the fishing sector lucrative and vibrant, including scouting for markets to enable Lamu fishermen reap maximum benefits and improve livelihoods’.

Mr Abdul Fatah was accompanied by Senior Fisheries Officers as well as Lands Department Officers.


For more information contact:

Lamu County Government Communications Office at info@lamu.go.ke