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Until February 4 applications for the Go Blue Call for Proposals for the development of Tourism and Cultural Heritage sectors in Kenya´s Coastal counties including Lamu, Kilifi, Kwale, Mombasa, Taita-Taveta, Tana-River are open.

Regulation and application forms available at or

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Lamu County would like to inform the members of the public that the following ECDE leaders and teachers have been shortlisted for a one year scholarship in different areas of training.

The training which is being facilitated by the Agha Khan Academy Mombasa in partnership with Lamu County Government will enable the shortlisted applicants to acquire skills and expertise that will help them towards achieving the professional training in our centers across the county.

The Aghakhan Foundation and the Department of Education further wishes notify all successful candidates to avail themselves on Friday, 28th January 2022 at The Royal park Hotel, Mpeketoni for the introductory face-to-face session. Thereafter, the sessions will be conducted via distance learning and learning walks by the facilitators in the schools.

Lamu Governor H.E Fahim Twaha takes this opportunity to congratulate all the successful applicants.


Hon. Paul K. Thairu H.S.C

CECM- Education, Vocational Training, Technology, Youth Affairs, Sports, Gender and Social Services

Coast Water Works Development Agency Chair Hon. Omar Boga is on a two days visit in Lamu to inspect the ongoing and completed projects that are being implemented by the board in partnership with the Lamu County Government.

The Chair who was accompanied by Coast Water Directors and Board Members lauded H.E Governor Fahim Twaha administration for undertaking water projects that are impactful to communities. The Chairman also commended the Maimekoni project that seeks to connect all homes with piped fresh water, and also underscored the importance of availability of water in a community, noting that the project has seen remote areas access clean tapped water for the first time since independence.

Speaking on behalf of the Governor, CECM Food Security, Livestock, Water Development and Blue Economy, Hon. Fahima Araphat, OGW assured the agency of a continued mutual collaboration between the two entities that will lead to reducing the water shortage gap in Lamu. Hon. Fahima further noted that it’s high time all stakeholders in the Water sector started exploring for a longterm and permanent solution of the Water problem in Lamu County through tapping of River Tana.

The meeting was also attended by Lamu County Chief Officer Public Service Management and Administration Ms. Malika Omar, Managing Director LAWASCO Mr. Patrick Wainaina, County Water Department Administrator among others.


Over 450 households camped at Widho, Juhudi, and Holy Angel centers in Mkunumbi and Witu wards, respectively, have received mobile water plastic drums and food assistance from the Lamu County Government.

Governor Fahim Twaha has pledged continued assistance to the displaced families even as the county administration collaborates with the national government to find a long-term solution following a series of attacks that occurred earlier this month.

Lamu County Deputy Governor H.E Abdulhakim Mbwana is currently leading the county food distribution at Juhudi and Marafa in Mkunumbi Ward.

550 households are set to benefit from this initiative that seeks to cushion the families that were displaced during the recent attacks that led to the loss of lives and distraction of properties in Witu, Mkunumbi and Hindi wards respectively.

The Deputy Governor is accompanied by the County Secretary Mr. John Mburu, Area MCA Hon. Paul Kimani, Chief of Staff Mohamed Bute, Ward Administrators among others.


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The Department of Medical Services just wrapped up a two-day biannual performance review meeting for all county health facilities to monitor, assess, and communicate the extent to which the facilities accomplish their major objectives/goals and resolve any gaps.

The CHMT, program managers, and facility in-charges gathered to track and discuss healthcare performance, challenges, and innovations in order to improve service delivery across the county.

Director of Medical Services Dr. Abubakkar Baasba, who spoke at the conference, said the forum is important because it allows the County Government to recognize excellence, address opportunities for improvement, and set goals for the following year.

“This will provide the County Government with appropriate information about the state of all our health care facilities across the county. This information is in turn used in our health care planning to re-design the health care systems in the most effective, efficient, and equitable manner and to the satisfaction of all of those involved in this system, the wananchi, our healthcare workers and development partners ” Said Dr. Baasba

Dr. Baasba also advised the heads of health facilities to collaborate closely with their fellow healthcare workers in order to close gaps in the delivery of enhanced and high-quality health care.

“Providing excellent patient care necessitates your entire team’s focus. Your teams should work together and keep each employee’s professional accomplishments, skill gaps, and goals in mind.” Dr. Baasba added

The meeting, which took place at KEFRI in Mokowe, was part of a routine process to help the department of health services determine key priorities for health-care interventions and set goals for the coming performance period, including specific action plans to assist team members in achieving their goals.


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The County Government through the department of Fisheries and Blue Economy has moved in to extend and boost the capacity of the Kizingitini ice plant as part of the County’s blue print to spur the fisheries sector. The initiative is part of County’s post-COVID recovery efforts, to cushion over 3,500 fishermen in Lamu East Sub-County.

Speaking earlier today during an inspection tour of the Kizingitini ice plant, Chief Officer Fisheries and Blue Economy, Mr. Abdul Fatah explained that the County Government is giving a complete overhaul to the ice plant to optimize efficiency.

“This factory was only capable of producing 2 metric tonnes of flake ice per day; however, we intend to scale this up to over 8 metric tonnes per 24 hours. This would assist reduce post-harvest losses and empower fishermen to determine pricing by allowing them to keep their catch fresh for longer. This is one of Governor Fahim Twaha’s post-COVID recovery efforts in the Blue Economy sector.” Mr. Abdul Fatah stated

The expansion of the structure/building housing the ice plant is over 70% complete, and includes: -Construction of an extra storey to help elevate the flake machines for standard operation

-Construction of additional Offices -Construction of Toilets

-Two doorways

-And an additional cold room

“Because Kizingitini village is a convenient location, fishermen from nearby villages will be able to access ice without having to travel to Lamu Island or Mombasa. This reduces the distance traveled and extends the shelf life of the ice “Mr. Fatah said

The Lamu County Government, through its Fisheries Department, is also making follow up with the State Department of Fisheries to test and operationalize another 8-tonne ice flake machine in the nearby Faza Village Ice Plant. This will complement the plant’s existing 2-tonne flake ice machine.

The cold chain effort would assist over 20 fisher villages in Lamu East, including Ishakani, Kiunga, Mwambore, Rubu, Mkokoni, Chandani, Kiwayu, Ndau, Faza, Kizingitini, Mbwajumwali, Chundwa, Siyu, Pate, Mtangawanda, Myabogi, Faza, Shanga Rubu, Shanga Ishakani, Mvundeni among others .

The county administration will also soon resume distribution of fishing gear and equipment across the county.

“We have purchased a variety of fishing equipment and gears that we will shortly provide to our fishermen in order to improve fish production. Fishing lines, Gill nets, Flippers, Eco-Sounders/Fish finders, GPS, Deep freezers, and cooler boxes will be given to them. We delivered gears to over 10 BMUs last fiscal year, and we hope to cover the remaining this fiscal year,” the Chief Officer explained.

The administration of Governor Fahim Twaha is taking intentional initiatives to make the fishing sector lucrative and vibrant, including scouting for markets to enable Lamu fishermen reap maximum benefits and improve livelihoods’.

Mr Abdul Fatah was accompanied by Senior Fisheries Officers as well as Lands Department Officers.


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Lamu County Government has distributed food relief to over 1,150 households that were displaced during the recent attacks in Salama, Widho, Juhudi and Marafa areas.

Speaking on behalf of H.E Governor Fahim Twaha, the County Secretary Mr. John Mburu said the County is committed towards ensuring they cushion the displaced families who have camped at different centers in Mkunumbi and Witu wards respectively.

“The County Governor would like to assure the affected families that his administration will continue giving relief food as well as ensuring there’s steady water supply at all camps, until normalcy is restored” Said the County Secretary.

Also in attendance was Chief of Staff Mr. Mohamed Bute, Mkunumbi Ward MCA Hon. Paul Kimani, Ward Administrators among others.

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Lamu County under the stewardship of H.E Governor Fahim Twaha, has just completed connecting the Kibaoni camp that is hosting hundreds of displaced families with fresh water.

The team is now headed to Juhudi primary school for a similar task and thereafter Majembeni.

These are some of the humanitarian assistance the county has been giving to the displaced persons who fled their homes for safety, following a series of attacks witnessed in the county.

Lamu County Government remains committed in finding an amicable solution to resolve the situation.


Lamu County Government is revising its programs in order to incorporate counter-violent extremism (CVE) elements into the County Integrated Development Plan.

The Lamu County Technical Working Group, in partnership with the Malaika Foundation, is spearheading the exercise, which aims to fully embrace and implement programs that would ensure peace, harmony, and security for all Lamu residents.

This comes shortly after H.E Governor Fahim Twaha signed the Lamu County Disaster Risk Management bill into law. The bill ensures that all stakeholders in the county are involved in the mitigation and management of disasters.

The Lamu County Government, the Lamu County Engagement Forum. ( CEF) and the Lamu MF have been engaged in intensive dialogues and mutual collaboration. The initial Integration plan will be followed by a periodical evaluation of the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) and Lamu County Action Plan ( LCAP) implementation, which will then inform future revisions.

The Lamu County Technical Working Group and the Malaika Foundation team, led by Programs officer Francis Mawira and Head of Monitoring and Evaluation, Joyce Wairimu, met at the Lamu County headquarters in Mokowe .


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