Lamu County was declared the best county in County Integrated Development Plan out of 47 counties in Kenya’s County Budget Transparency Survey (CBTS) 2023, which took place on Friday in a Nairobi hotel.

This survey was based on an evaluation of the primary planning and budget papers that counties are expected to produce as a source of information for the public to scrutinize county operations.

This is part of Lamu County’s conscious attempt to keep the public informed about its activities by providing unhindered access to major county plans, documents, and reports .

Speaking when he received the award, Finance CECM Hon. Mohamed Mbwana who was representing Lamu Governor HE Issa Timamy EGH, OGW lauded the Finance, Planning, Communication and ICT departments saying that they have made it possible through their excellent hard work and commitment to share information with the public.

As Lamu proceeds toward industrialisation, Hon. Mbwana urged residents and other stakeholders to continue participating with the government, use the information supplied for decision-making, and take advantage of the opportunities for citizen-led economic growth.

The scientific survey was done across all 47 counties on proper annual report preparation as well as the level of involvement to the members of the public in it’s processes based on verifiable facts.


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