Lamu county has got a major boost towards enhancing medical services following the unveiling of an endoscopy unit at King Fahd Hospital in Lamu.

The new sub-unit was launched by Governor Issa Timamy EGH, OGW on Tuesday and will be under the minimally-invasive surgery theatre, a transformative addition to the King Fahd medical capabilities.

The equipment has a small camera passed through the mouth to the throat and to the stomach to accurately diagnose gastrointestinal problems such as hyperacidity, gaseous problems, stomach ulcers, internal hernias, esophageal and stomach ulcers.

Governor Timamy also noted that the facility will be a sigh of relief to patients who had been forced to travel to mombasa for the service. He further thanked visiting Consultant Dr Lee Jingsup, resident Surgeons Dr. Abdulkadir and Dr. Fawaz for having successfully conducted 30 endoscopic surgeries for free at the facility.

Health CECM Dr. Mbarak Bahjaj said endescopy unit is a significant milestone towards King Fahd mission of enhancing the health and well-being of Kenyans and global citizens through providing patient-centered and evidence-based healthcare.


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