The Lamu County Government in collaboration with the Cooperative Bank of Lamu-Mpeketoni Branch, has distributed Sanitary pads to 87 primary and secondary schools girls within Lamu West.

The pads aim to benefit 1647 students who are sitting for the national examination for form four and standard eight,this year, in Lamu West sub-County.

Speaking to the candidates at Witu Primary School and Mpeketoni High School for girls, during the distribution exercise, the First Lady of the County Mrs. Hajara Albusaidy, said the girl child is an important link in the welfare of the society and the economy, so she should be educated and taken care of properly.

In addition Mrs. Hajara has thanked the Cooperative Bank for collaborating with the Lamu County government and added that the support has come at the right time so that girls sitting for the national exam will not be troubled by menstrual issues while sitting for their exam.

The Service Manager of the Cooperative Bank Mpeketoni branch, Maurice Ogola, has congratulated Governor Issa Timamy, for his progressive efforts and promised that the bank will continue to cooperate with the Lamu government after enjoying cooperation and a good relationship with the current government to benefit the people of Lamu.

All students sitting for the national examination across the county,for form four and standard eight are expected to receive these pads.

In attendance was CECM of Education Sebastian Owanga, Chief Officer for Education,Hafswa Difini, Gender and Community Service Officer Penina Mathiu among others.