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Lamu Governor Issa Timamy EGH, OGW has affirmed that his Administration will support the review of County Spatial Plan as stipulated in the County Government Act.

Speaking during stakeholders meeting with development partners on how to pull resources, Governor Timamy emphasized on the importance of the collaboration adding that weak technical knowledge and lack of technologies would hinder effective formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the spatial plan.

In Kenya, Lamu County Government under the leadership of H.E Issa Timamy was the first County to formulate a Spatial plan in 2016 and also becomes the first Governor to review it.

The review process which is being spearheaded by the Department of Lands, has also planned training courses that are designed to equip technical staff and policymakers with the requisite knowledge, competence, and skills to discharge planning and land use function as required by the constitution and county government act.

The Governor further thanked development partners present F.A.O, Go Blue, WWF and The Nature Conservancy for their commitment to provide technical support during the review process which will incorporate the Marine Spatial plan, Mangroves Ecosystem as well as climate issues.


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The Local Authorities Pension Fund (Lapfund) paid a courtesy call to Lamu Governor Issa Timamy EGH, OGW on Thursday to discuss on possible areas they can invest in a move to diversify its revenue streams.

Lapfund Chief Manager Mr. Galm Jaldesa said Lamu is experiencing high economic growth, which has led to a rapid increase in investments and other social amenities, which is the reason they would want to invest in Lamu.

On his side, Governor Timamy commended Lapfund for the timely and innovative initiative in Lamu emphasizing that such initiatives will always get the County Government support. He also encouraged other players to join in implementing such initiatives that are key in boosting the growth of Lamu County.

Lapfund caters for the retirement needs of all employees of county governments and water companies and had been investing in different counties as part of their revenue stream diversification program.

Present in the meeting was Trade Chief Officer Mrs. Joyce Murimi.


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890 girls from Lamu Central sub-County who are sitting for the national Exam, have today received Sanitary Pads courtesy of the Lamu County government.

The girls who will benefit are from eight secondary schools and 18 primary schools located in the Lamu Central sub-County.

The Lamu County Chief Education Officer, Hafswa Difini, accompanied by the Director of Education in Lamu Central sub-County, Rukia Ali Abdallah, led the delegation to deliver the gifts to Mahmoud Bin Fadhil Girls Primary School, which will be distributed to schools with girls who are sitting for the national exam in the area of Lamu Central.

While conveying the Greeting from the Governor, Mrs. Hafswa wished them success in their exams and added that governor Timamy wants to see that the girl child does not suffer when she sits for her national exam due to the lack of pads.

In attendance included the officer of Gender and Social Services, Penina Mathiu among others.

The Department of Lands, Physical Planning, Urban Development and Natural Resource, has today held a successful meeting with development partners on the process of discussing partinent issues including the pulling of resources to review the Lamu County Spatial plan that will incorporate Marine spatial planning.

This is in line with the docket of Blue economy which H.E Governor Issa Timamy is the chairman.

Lamu County Government was the first county to prepare a County Spatial Plan and will be the first to be reviewed.

Other issues are climate change and conservation of mangrove ecosystems.

This is to ensure Lamu county leverage on the resources available to improve livelihoods of local communities.

The development partners include: UNHabitat under the Go-Blue project, FAO under the DLGP project, WorldWide Fund, The Nature Conservancy among others.

32 girls Lamu East sub-County who are sitting for this year KCPE and form four exams have benefited with Sanitary Pads courtesy of the Lamu County government.

The girls are from five secondary schools and 13 primary schools located on the island of Pate.

The Lamu County Government was represented by the Director of Education Abdallah Baragash along side with other officers to hand over Sanitary Pads to the school administrators before attending the Kindergarten graduation ceremony (PP2) of Mtangawanda Primary School.


Lamu County is avowedly ambitious for its youngest children by securing them a long-term future through ushering them for pre-primary education in a new, ground-breaking policy commencing academic year 2024.

According to Governor Issa Timamy EGH, OGW his Administration is alive to the fact that these early years provide a critical window of opportunity for young learners since that’s where a child’s brain development occurs. Towards unlocking this big change in the academic system, the county government will continue to provide infrastructure and cognitive development so as to maximise on children’s holistic development to achieve the greatest impact on their lives.

Speaking in Lamu East after conducting visit to Mararani, Basuba , Milimani and Mangai to assess the provision of pre primary education and wish grade six success in their upcoming KPSEA assessment, Education CECM Hon. Sebastian Owanga said the County was prepared to usher the pupils in the new system that puts emphasis on a learner’s unique talents and abilities rather than focusing wholly on academics and exam performances.

The County Government also donated sanitary towels to students who are sitting for their KAPSEA assessment.

Unlike the 8-4-4 system where learners would spend 8 years for primary education, 4 years in secondary school and 4 years at the university, the CBC curriculum runs on a 2-6-3-3 system of education where basic education has been organized in three levels; Early Years Education, Middle School Education, and Senior School.


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Lamu Governor H.E Issa Timamy EGH, OGW has called for a concerted effort towards saving Lake Kenyatta from a complete ruin. Towards restoring the dwindling Lake, the County Government will spearhead the initiative in collaboration with other national government agencies through an initiative that will involve community-based organisations such as water resource users association, beach management units and non-governmental partners.

This was announced today by H. E Deputy Governor Raphael Munyua following a consultative meeting with key stakeholders to deliberate on how to delianiate riparian land and save the lake from extinction.

Speaking in the meeting that was held in Mpeketoni, the DG who is also the CECM for Climate Change noted that the impact of uncontrolled human activity, unsustainable fishing, encroachment and conversion of land in the buffer zone to agriculture are among the activities that has loosened the soils, exacerbating erosion and resulting in sediment being dumped into the lake.

“Pangani was a marsh, today it no longer exists, Zebra area was also marshy but is now a human settlement. We need to educate our people about ecosystem and that bad practices in a sub-catchment will have an effect on the whole Lake” said the Deputy Governor.

He also emphasized on Governor Timamy’s Administration commitment towards saving the idyllic Lake Kenyatta which has no surface outlet and is glaring extinction from high siltation.

Towards successfully saving the shrinking Lake, the multi sectorial team agreed to embark on a rigorous public participation exercise to sensitize the locals on the importance of delineation of riparian land, environmental conservation and initiation of catchment conservation measures to improve water quality and quantity.

In attendance were CECM Finance Hon. Mohamed Mbwana, CECM Lands Hon. Tashrifa Mohamed, CECM Agriculture Hon. Jimmy Gichu, CO Climate Change Mr. Rashid Dirie, CO Lands Mr. Ahmed Mohamed and representatives from NLC, Ministry of Lands, WRUA, LAKWA, ZILALA among others.


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October is a National breast cancer awareness Month with a primary objective of Creating Awareness on Breast Cancer, promote early detection and support those affected by cancer.

County Department of Medical Services in collaboration with Pathcare Kenya together with private organizations and CBOs conducted a cancer awareness and screening program at Mkunguni Town Square today.

Lamu County managed to get 10 cancer patients after screening done last month, screened with different types of cancer, and breast cancer being among them.

The patients who were referred for further evaluation at Mombasa were all found to have stage 4 (end-stage) disease.

CECM health Dr. Mbarak Bahjaj said that Lamu County has in the 2024/25 ADP planned for establishment of a CANCER CENTRE at the King fahd Referral Hospital, which will be a great milestone and a huge relief to our patients.

He also over-emphasized to the people of Lamu to get screened without fear so that the cancer can be detected and treated at early stage.

The County Department of Health has so far vaccinated over 4000 girls with the HPV vaccine Countywide.

Dr. Mbarak further urged young girls and students to get the HPV vaccine and those who haven’t completed their second

dose to visit Health facilities for the booster dose free of charge.

The event was coordinated by County Reproductive Health Coordinator, Dr Fatma Faruk, and Ms Ann Nkirote the County NCD coordinator, who led the procession from King fahd Referral Hospital matching to Mkunguni Town Square.

Also in attendance was the Chief officer Medical Services Dr. Tole, the Director Dr.Baasba, former MCA Madam Amina Kale, among other leaders & officials.

The Lamu County Government in collaboration with the Cooperative Bank of Lamu-Mpeketoni Branch, has distributed Sanitary pads to 87 primary and secondary schools girls within Lamu West.

The pads aim to benefit 1647 students who are sitting for the national examination for form four and standard eight,this year, in Lamu West sub-County.

Speaking to the candidates at Witu Primary School and Mpeketoni High School for girls, during the distribution exercise, the First Lady of the County Mrs. Hajara Albusaidy, said the girl child is an important link in the welfare of the society and the economy, so she should be educated and taken care of properly.

In addition Mrs. Hajara has thanked the Cooperative Bank for collaborating with the Lamu County government and added that the support has come at the right time so that girls sitting for the national exam will not be troubled by menstrual issues while sitting for their exam.

The Service Manager of the Cooperative Bank Mpeketoni branch, Maurice Ogola, has congratulated Governor Issa Timamy, for his progressive efforts and promised that the bank will continue to cooperate with the Lamu government after enjoying cooperation and a good relationship with the current government to benefit the people of Lamu.

All students sitting for the national examination across the county,for form four and standard eight are expected to receive these pads.

In attendance was CECM of Education Sebastian Owanga, Chief Officer for Education,Hafswa Difini, Gender and Community Service Officer Penina Mathiu among others.


Livestock farmers in Witu ward and other parts of Lamu County are set to resume dipping their livestock and bebefit from routine vaccination programmes following the County Government initiative to rehabilitate cattle dips and vaccination crushes at Koreni, Moa, Dide waride, Kitumbini and Mkunumbi.

The rehabilitation entails repairs of existing livestock holding pens for cattle dips and further extension to include vaccination crushes.

According to Lamu Governor H.E Issa Timamy EGH, OGW, rehabilitation and improvement of the livestock disease control infrastructure that had been abandoned for over 6 years will enhance efforts to control livestock diseases and improve productivity.

“My Administration has already operationalized cattle dips at Chalaluma, Dide and Kitumbini with over 10,000 cattle dipped. I urge livestock farmers to come together in registered marketing cooperatives and my admistration will establish milk cooling and collection centres at Mokowe, Pangani and Witu to facilitate marketing of milk to processors in the Country” said Governor Timamy during his development tour in the ward on Saturday.

The County Governor also noted that small and large stock auction paddocks at the Nagele livestock market will be rehabilitated and new market committee formed. He termed the market as an important linkage for livestock export through Lamu port.

According to Livestock CECM Hon. Faiz Fankupi, the County Government will continue to enhance mass livestock vaccination, provide drugs for livestock and continue to operationalise cattle dips across the County as part of County Government’s efforts to improve animal health and immunity.


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