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Lamu Governor H.E. Issa Timamy E.G.H has earlier today issued grants to local communities in Faza ward in partnership with Kenya Marine Fisheries and Socio-Economic Development project (KEMSFED amounting to 25 million Kenyan Shillings.

The Grants were issued to 14 local Communities groups from Faza ward to enhance managed Fisheries and Livelihoods.

The 14 groups were drawn from Shanga Ishakani, Kizingitini, Bahamisi, Mtangawanda, Siu, Faza and Pate.

While addressing the group members at Pate Social Hall, H.E Governor Timamy urged the Groups to effectively utilize the funds to enhance their social economic activity in the county.

The grants were awarded to common interest groups which includes womens’ and youth self help group and community based organizations.

The benefited groups are:-

1. Girl Child protection group.

2 . Gill fisher self help group.

3. Kizingitini women Fisher

4. Pate Marine Community Conservation.

5. Mtangawanda kwajuu self help group.

6. Almuhsin women group.

7. Fasbir self help group.

8. Faza youth action group.

9. Pate kisiwani women group.

10. Kishada self help group.

11. Khairunisaa women organization.

12. Shanga Ishakani women Fishers group.

13. Bahamisi women group.

14. Khairiya self help group.

The governor also visited the ECO tourism project which is managed by Pate Resource and tourism initiative groups which offer hospitality and rearing crabs and commended them for their initiative to transform livelihoods in Lamu.

In attendance was KEMSFED project coordinator Mohamed Athman among others.


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Lamu County And National Gov’t To Undertake Water Projects To Increase Water Provision to Lamu residents

Lamu Deputy Governor H.E. Raphael Munyua has today held a consultative meeting with Lamu leaders and the Water and Sanitation Principal Secretary Hon. Paul Rono in his Nairobi office.

The meeting delved on how the national government can work with Lamu County towards setting up sustainable water projects that would ensure easy access and guarantee sufficient water supply to all Lamu residents.

The P.S committed to work with the County Government towards rolling out short term and long term water infrastructure projects that will adequately serve both their domestic and livestock needs. He further noted the success of these projects is pegged on a cordial working relationship between the County Government of Lamu and the National Government.

Among key infrastructure projects that were agreed upon included;

1. Rehabilitation of djabias in Lamu East constituency.

2. Solarization of existing desalination plants.

3. Construction of 6 water pans (Three in Lamu East and the others in Lamu West)

4. Solarization and rehabilitation of bore holes at Shela, Lake Kenyatta and Witu.

5. Completion of ongoing works at Vumbe.

Towards finding a long term plan for the water shortages in Lamu County, the leaders agreed on;

1) Construction of Mangai dam.

2)Construction of water canal from Tana river.

3). Installation of heavy duty desalination plants for Faza ward.

The meeting was convened by P.S State Department for Investment Hon. Abubakar Hassan. In attendance also was C.A.S Office of the Cabinet Prime Secretary Hon. Sharif Athman Ali, Lamu Senator Hon. Joseph Githuku and Lamu East MP. Hon. Ruweida Obo.


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5,857 Households In Lamu To Get Relief Food

Over 5,800 households across the county will get assorted food stuff, donated by the national government through the National Steering Committee on Drought and in partnership with County Government of Lamu.

The announcement was officially made this afternoon by Lamu County Governor, H.E. Issa Timamy E.G.H, O.G.W while flagging off relief food to the most hunger stricken and vulnerable families in Hindi Ward.

“The exercise, will target to cushion families that are currently facing starvation from the biting effects of drought that has left thousands of households reel under the pangs of hunger. Each household will receive 6 kgs of maize flour, rice 8 kgs, cooking oil 1 litre, uji mix 6kgs, green grams 3kgs and 1 Kg of salt” Stated Governor Timamy.

The Governor further encouraged the community to take up free certified county seeds and underscored the importance of embracing agriculture towards mitigating the effects of drought. He further noted that climate change is real and has impacted negatively on the globe saying everybody must play a part in conserving the environment in our county.

Lamu County Commissioner Mr. Louis Rono, thanked the government for the food donation and emphasized on the need to send more food to the areas that have been adversely affected by drought.

Present was Hindi A.C.C Mr. Linus Bii, Lamu Central O.C.P.D Mr. Geoffrey Osanen, Lamu County Secretary Amb. Ali Abbas, Lamu County Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulnasir Issa, Disaster Management and Mobilization Chief Officer Mr. Kassim Mohamed among other officers.


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Lamu Governor H.E Issa Timamy E.G.H, O.G.W has today presided over Mpeketoni Boys’ High School Prize giving day. The ceremony seeks to recognize and reward outstanding students in the year 2022.

Awards were given to 60 students who recorded a mean grade of B- and above in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2022.

Teachers of the leading subjects in KCSE 2022 were also recognized and awarded.

Mpeketoni Boys’ High School was ranked the second in the county (2022 KCSE), registering a mean-score of 6.47, which was an improvement from 2020 5.74 mean score.

Outstanding teachers and students received a wide range of gifts including, cash prizes, suit case, trophies among other goodies.

Governor Timamy reiterated Lamu County Government’s commitment to ensure access to education for all, saying that the County Government of Lamu will continue giving scholarships and bursaries to all top performers and deserving students across the county.

“My administration has pledged to pay Kenya shillings forty thousands Ksh 40,000/= in form of scholarship per learner identified through the rigorous but consultative process. Presently, my Government has already disbursed scholarships to all form two, three and four continuing students and we will from next week be rolling out the disbursement of form one scholarships” added the County Boss.

The A.N.C party leader further denoted that the scholarship program had proven to be a great catalyst towards helping to improve the general performance of the whole County.

“I appreciate the school leadership, teachers, parents, learners and all the stakeholders for enabling the school to post a mean score of 6.47 in 2022 KCSE; which is historic in Lamu County. This cumulates to increased university transition and consequently skilled manpower in the county” stated Governor Timamy.

Deputy Governor H.E. Raphael Munyua who’s an alumnus of Mpeketoni High School congratulated the school following their outstanding performance in the 2022 KCSE exams and commended the teachers for their hard work and dedication. He further committed to support Governor Timamy’s education pillar that is geared towards bringing equality and the desired change in society.

Education CECM Hon. Sebastian Owanga encouraged students to keep leveling up and committed that his department will ensure timely disbursement of bursaries and scholarships and guaranteed education access to every needy child regardless of their social economic background.

In attendance was County Secretary Amb. Ali Abbas, Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulnasir M. Issa, BoM, Parents Association representatives, School Principal Mr. Mathews Kalume, parents/guardians among others.


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Newly Appointed Chairman of the LAPSSET Board of Directors Hon. Ali Mbogo Pays Governor Timamy a Courtesy Call

The newly appointed Chairman of the LAPSSET board of Directors Hon. Ali Mbogo has today paid a courtesy on Lamu Governor H.E. Issa Timamy E.G.H, O.G.W in his office at Mokowe County Headquarters.

They both agreed on the need to market Lamu port as the port of choice in the region and importantly forge towards connecting the landlocked East African economies to global trade routes.

Governor Timamy also emphasized on the importance of actualization of the proposed Lamu Special Economic Zone saying that it will stimulate entrepreneurship, drive investments and spur growth in the county and country.

Hon. Mbogo thanked the Council of Governors’ Blue Economy Committee Chair for his commitment towards ensuring Lamu port opportunities are tapped into and in turn boost Kenya’s status as a transport and logistics hub create employment, get export commodities for Lamu port to have a balance of trade and make Lamu Port an import and export hub.

The two also delved into setting up a technical committee from both LAPSSET and Lamu county Government to plan together the Lamu Special Economic Zone.

Special Economic Zones have been integrated into Kenya’s long-term development blueprint Vision 2030 that aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrialized, middle-income country by2030.

Among key strategies prioritized in the blue print include;

1. Creating jobs in manufacturing.

2. Reducing the regulatory burden on manufacturing

3. Raising investment in the manufacturing sector.

4. Enabling Country’s industrial Competitiveness.

LAPSSET board of Directors Chair Hon. Ali Mbogo was accompanied by LAPSSET Regional Manager Mr. Salim Bunu.


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Governor Timamy Presides Over the Distribution of 20 Tonnes of Free Certified Seeds in Bahari Ward

Lamu Governor H.E. Issa Timamy has today spearheaded the free certified seeds distribution exercise in Bahari Ward in an effort meant to boost the County’s long-term quest to achieve Food Security and Nutrition pillar that aims at making Lamu food sufficient.

Speaking while launching the exercise at Agricultural Training Center in Mpeketoni, the Governor said the County procured 20 tonnes of certified maize seeds that will be distributed to 2,500 households across the ward to address the issue of food security.

The governor also insisted on the need for farmers to register as they collect their seeds since that will help the county to ensure even and fair distribution and also enable formulation of a database that would enable future planning, targeted distribution, farmers mapping among others.

The Governor further encouraged farmers to join small holder groups noting that it’s the only way they can qualify for grants under development partners such as KSCAP and others since it’s a step to boost food production and mitigate food insecurity during drought.

This season, the County Government of Lamu will be distributing 105.6 tonnes of Haraka and Ph4 certified seeds to 13,200 households. The county will also be distributing green gram, cowpeas and sorghum with an objective of improving food security and empowering the great people of Lamu economically.

Today, the exercise targeted ATC, Hongwe and Tewe areas where over 1,700 received free certified seeds.

The Governor was flanked by CEC Member for Agriculture, Hon. James Gichu, Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulnasir Issa, Food Security Director Mr. James Njoroge among other officials.


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This morning, Lamu Deputy Governor H.E. Raphael Munyua represented Governor Issa Timamy E.G.H, O.G.W at the NEDI (North and North Eastern Development) Leadership Consultative Forum at the Kenya School of Government, Nairobi that was Chaired by H.E. Deputy President, Rigathi Gachagua.

NEDI, is an Initiative that seeks to accelerate development programmes in Northern Kenya and is coordinated by Deputy President’s office and with the support of the World Bank.

D.P Gachagua noted that for a long time, this region has received minimal development support, and this intervention by the World Bank will go a long way to enhance the gains that have been made by the government, development partners and communities in the areas. He also emphasized that the leadership promise of the Kenya Kwanza Administration under H.E President William Samoei Ruto remains steadfast on the course to create a gateway for social equity for all Kenyans.


Lamu Governor H.E Issa Timamy E.G.H, O.G.W is currently in Lamu West Sub-County spearheading free seed distribution in Hongwe Ward.

Over 13,100 smallholder farmers from Hongwe Ward are ecstatic following the start of rains and the County Government’s timely intervention to supply them with certified maize seeds, green gram seeds, cow peas seeds , sorghum seeds, nerica rice seeds, BT cotton seeds and cashew nut planting seeds.

Despite rising fuel prices, Governor Issa Timamy’s administration is offering subsidized tractor services for only Ksh 1,800 per acre with agricultural extension officers who will be helping farmers in their decision-making and ensuring that appropriate knowledge is implemented to obtain the best results with regard to sustainable production and general rural development.

“We procured the seeds to ensure that we give our farmers quality seeds. The seeds are early maturing, tolerant to diseases and high yielding. Our main objective is to improve food security and empower our people economically,” Governor Timamy said.

The County Chief, who was accompanied by his Deputy H.E Raphael Munywa said Lamu County farmers will also receive extension services offering them technical advice and training to maximise production.

The Governor was accompanied by CECM Agriculture, Hon. James Gichu, County Secretary Amb. Ali Abbas, Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulnasir Issa, Hongwe MCA Hon. John Mburu, Nominated MCA Hon. Aisha Abdulrahman, Hongwe Ward Administrator among others.


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Three self help groups from Mkunumbi ward have today received two fibre boats, outboard engines and canoes under the ongoing multifaceted social protection program that’s being undertaken by the Lamu County Government in collaboration with Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP), that aims to improve fish value chain.

The over 100 fisher group members from Mkunumbi will now have alternative ways to address climate change-related risks, and food security.

Addressing the fisher group members during the flag off exercise at Ndambwe, H.E Governor Issa Timamy E.G.H, O.G.W said the initiative will go a long way in enhancing food security and rural poverty eradication through improved disposable income to smallholder fisher households. He further promised fisher groups that his government remains committed towards supporting them to realize their potential.

He further noted that the undertaking is in line with Lamu County Government policies and KCSAP’s objectives noting that County Government will continue to encourage collaboration with like minded development partners that help to push Lamu’s development agenda.

The three groups that benefited include;

1. Utendakazi self group – 3 fibre canoes.

2. Utalii self group – one fibre boat and an outboard engine.

3. Lamu fishermen dealers organization- one fibre boat and an outboard engine.

The Governor was accompanied by Agriculture CEC Member Hon. Jimmy Gichu, County Secretary Amb. Ali Abbas, Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulnasir M. Issa among others.


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Gavana Issa Timamy azindua rasmi utowaji wa mbegu kwa wakulima katika wadi ya Faza

Serekali ya Kaunti ya Lamu kupitia Idara ya Kilimo hii leo imeanzisha rasmi zoezi la kupeana mbegu kwa wakulima wote walioko katika wadi ya Faza kwa ajili ya upanzi mbele ya msimu wa mvua inayotarajiwa kunyesha.

Wakulima 1300 kutoka barani na visiwani wadi ya Faza wamelengwa kupokea tani 14 za mbegu zikiwemo zile za mahindi, pojo, kunde, mchele na mtama.

Akizundua rasmi zoezi hilo huko Faza, Gavana Issa Timamy akiwa ameandamana na Naibu wake Raphael Munywa, amewaahidi wakulima kuwa baada ya wiki mbili hivi boti iliyokuwa ikisafirisha wakulima na mazao yao hadi barani itaregelea shughuli zake.

“Hii boti malengo yake ilikuwa ni kusafirisha wakulima hadi barani lakini imeharibiwa na inakarabatiwa na baada ya wiki mbili au tatu itakuwa tayari na nimeagiza irudishwe huku” Gavana alihakikishia wakulima.

Aidha, Timamy ametoa wito kwa kulima kupanda mbegu na kutojaribu kuzitumia kama chakula.

Shughuli hiyo ya utowaji wa mbegu kwa wakulima itaendela katika wadi zote za Kaunti ya Lamu.

Waliohudhuria ni pamoja na katibu mkuu wa kaunti Balozi Ali Abbas, Afisa mkuu wa wafanyikazi Abdulnasir M Issa, waziri wa Kilimo James Gichu, Mwakilishi wa wadi ya Faza Mohamed Aboud miongoni mwa wengine.


Kwa habari zaidi wasiliana nasi kupitia afisi ya mawasiliano kutumia;

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